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HEALTH STRESS Natural Herbs for Stress Relief

Natural Herbs for Stress Relief

By: Dr. Mital John | Jan 23 2010 | 429 words | 1097 hits

Some of the more commonly known drugs that are said to cause these stress symptoms in users include amphetamines, cocaine and anti depressants. Some stress symptoms are even said to appear with the use of common medications for colds, asthma and even with diet pills.

Persistent stress often leads to anxiety and certain unhealthy behaviors like overeating, alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
* Alcohol
* Amphetamines
* Bronchodilators for asthma
* Caffeine
* Cocaine
* Cold remedies
* Decongestants
* Diet pills
* Nicotine
* Thyroid medications

These and myriad of other immediate and automatic responses have been exquisitely honed over the lengthy course of human evolution as life saving measures to facilitate primitive man's ability to deal with physical challenges.

Some stress symptoms are even said to appear with the use of common medications for colds, asthma and even with diet pills.

Stress Symptoms:

*Digestive System Blues
*Growth Stops Here
*Memory Meltdown
*Negative Thinking
*Heart Disease Horror
*Change in Weight
*Sex Drive Decreased

These herbal treatments are free of any harmful side effects and available without a prescription. You have to choose carefully as many companies have launched their products that are designed to rip you off by taking advantage of your situation.

Natural Stress Relief:

Meditation for Stress Relief: - Meditation can be extremely helpful in a natural stress management routine. It helps you to refocus and relax. When you meditate your body will be restored to a calm state giving it the opportunity to reverse the effects of stress and prevent further wear and tear. Meditation for stress relief can be practiced on your own or you can get a meditation CD or DVD.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices: - These choices build and strengthen our foundation of health, making us more resilient to stress. Mankind's fast paced techno-logical way of living is not necessarily bio-logical wisdom.

Exercise for Stress Relief: - Exercise is another important part of a natural stress management routine. Experts have long known that cardiovascular exercise benefits people both physically and mentally. The reason for this is quite simple: when you exercise, stress hormones decrease and hormones that make you feel good (such as endorphins) increase.

Healthy Eating Habits: - When we reduce stressful eating habits we gain maximum benefit from the food we eat. We also bring more sanity into our relationship with food. Healthy eating habits help us stay trim and avoid compulsive stressful overeating.

Ashwagandha hreb for Stress Relief: - The shoots of the Ashwagandha herb are used in food and in India seeds of the Ashwagandha are used to thicken milk herbal stress relief. Also use Ashwagandha to treat fevers, and other inflammations for herbal stress relief.


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