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HEALTH STRESS Soothing Relaxation Techniques To Tame Your Stress

Soothing Relaxation Techniques To Tame Your Stress

By: Pamela Savvy | Feb 14 2007 | 542 words | 986 hits

Two of the easiest and most potent relaxation techniques you can practice is deep breathing and meditation. And the wonderful thing is, these relaxation techniques can be done in mere minutes, absolutely anywhere.

* Deep Breathing

The first relaxation technique is a deep breathing exercise that can be done in less than one minute.

Place the tip of your tongue at the top edge of your upper front teeth, where your teeth meet your gums. When you inhale, practice what's called belly breathing. Instead of scrunching your shoulders up around your neck when you inhale, which increases shoulder and neck tension, leave them still. Instead, push your belly outward while you're inhaling, as if it's a big balloon filling with air. Inhale to the count of four. Hold it to the count of seven.

Now for the exhale! Exhale through your mouth to the count of eight; part your lips, leaving your tongue at the top edge of your upper teeth, and push all the air out of your lungs. This encourages fresh air to reach the very bottom of your lungs, pushes out all the stale air.

You may experience very slight lightheadedness and even euphoria when conducting this simple relaxation technique.

You can practice deep breathing several times a day: while driving, working or doing household chores. This relaxation technique is also particularly effective when someone dumps an unexpected load of stress right over your head, whether it's your boss or your child. This relaxation technique is also very helpful in the face of anger, especially if you can retreat to another room; if an annoying co-worker has done it again, simply retreat to the restroom and breathe. You'll feel better in minutes--literally!

* Meditation

As for meditation, we've heard all the wonders about this relaxation technique lowering heart rate, alleviating stress and even helping patients with long-term diseases. But we just can't manage to work in 10 minutes of meditation a day into our busy lives! With work, children and tending to domestic duties, it's near impossible. So just do meditation on the go!

Take advantage of unexpected down time during the day. If your computer is taking an especially long time to download files or software updates, nobody's going to notice if you close your eyes and focus on your breath! You can do this relaxation technique while waiting at the doctor's office, instead of filling your mind with the mental junk food of flipping through magazines. Other patients will simply think you're smart for catching a little cat nap! If you're uncomfortable with closing your eyes, just focus your vision on one object.

Remember to do belly breathing, although there's no need to hold your breath for specific counts. When thoughts pop into your mind, which they will, gently dispel them; don't chastise yourself when thoughts pop into your head; they're going to, simply because you're alive! Just focus on staring at the inside of your eyelids.

Chances are, when you take advantage of all the little opportunities like this throughout your day to engage in this simple yet powerful relaxation technique, you'll be meditating more than 10 minutes a day!

* Tame Your Stress

Deep breathing and meditation on the go are easy relaxation techniques you can do anywhere every day! You'll exude more calm, patience, balance and mental clarity.

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