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HEALTH VISION Few cataract complications and their treatments

Few cataract complications and their treatments

By: Ethan Finster | Oct 26 2009 | 322 words | 988 hits

A posterior capsule opacity (PCO) is the most common among those few cataract surgery complications, including eye inflammation, infections and a dislocated IOL. The reason for a PCO comes from the lens capsule, which will be maintained during a surgery. About 20% of patients have haziness on their intact posterior capsules, so that even if the lens has been replaced with a successful IOL, the vision is still blurry. A PCO is not a …secondary cataract¯. Cataracts will never recur once removed.

A PCO can be treated with a YAG laser capsulotomy, which takes a few minutes and is safe, effective and painless. During the procedure, your doctor will remove the hazy posterior capsule with a laser, eliminating any incision. Patients can resume normal activities immediately after the surgery, with the help of anti-inflammation eye drops. Only 1% of patients may suffer from a detached retina from a YAG laser capsulotomy.

Another complication for a cataract surgery can be mal-positioned IOL, which may lead to double vision or severe visual acuity decrease. There are two underlying reasons that may cause dislocated IOLs: broken capsule bag and dislocated capsule bag. Since the IOL is placed within the extremely thin capsule bag, a broken bag due to accidents may lead to dislocated IOL. The other reason comes from a dislocated capsule bag, which will surely lead to dislocated IOL.

Dislocated IOLs can also result from operational mistakes during the IOL positioning process. Once an IOL dislocation is found, a second procedure to reposition the lens will be taken soon. With proper treatment, dislocated IOLs won't bring permanent vision problems.

Although the most severe complication may lead to vision loss, complication-free cataract surgeries account for 98% of the total. Other potential complications include minor eye inflammation, retinal detachment, retinal or corneal swelling, eye pressure increase and droopy eyelid. You should always tell your doctor about your floaters, light flashes and curtain-like vision loss, in order to receive immediate treatments.

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