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HEALTH WELLNESS Are You At Risk Drinking Contaminated Drinking Water?

Are You At Risk Drinking Contaminated Drinking Water?

By: Juanita Ruby | Jul 8 2009 | 443 words | 961 hits

You often hear on the news of people who get ill from their tap water. You might even feel sorry for them, and be thankful that you live where you do. The real question at hand, however, is, Ãâ‚ÅAre you at risk of contaminated drinking water?Ãâ‚ The short answer to this question is yes. In every town in America, tap water contains a multitude of chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens.

While the chlorine treatment that your water undergoes kills diseases such as cholera and typhoid, it does very little to remove man made chemicals and pesticides, not to mention lead. The EPA estimates tap water to be one of the four biggest environmental threats to Americans. Water filtration systems, such as drinking water stations can provide a level of safety and purity in your tap water that is impossible to get no matter where you live.

The simple truth is that since the invention of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, water sources have been growing more contaminated all over the world. Between factory pollution, runoff from lawns and farms into the water supply, and the evaporation of chemical laden water into the air, there are simply no natural bodies of water that do not contain pollutants. Things such as water drinking stations can help ensure that your drinking water is free of these harmful chemicals.

While we are constantly told that we need to drink eight or more glasses of water daily to help our bodies flush naturally occurring toxins, it is rarely mentioned that the majority of water that Americans drink is rife with toxins itself.

These toxins are linked to learning disabilities, hypotension, and a large increase in the number of cancer cases reported since the invention of synthetic chemicals. Contaminated drinking water is much more than fodder for an entertaining movie or a two minute clip on the news, it is a problem of epidemic proportions and it is something that you can prevent.

Once you stop ingesting contaminated drinking water and begin to drink pure water, you will quickly begin to notice more energy and a stronger immune system. Aside from noticeable effects, however, you will also experience a greatly reduced risk of cancer and hypotension. Your children will be at a far lower risk of water related lead poisoning and learning disabilities. You will likely also notice that your water tastes better and loses the chemical taste that comes with drinking tap water.

The benefits of a drinking water station are truly immeasurable. Now that you are armed with this knowledge, it is time to say goodbye to contaminated drinking water and say hello to pure, safe water for you and your entire family.

About author:
Juanita Ruby is passionate about health. She knows our bodies contain more than 70% water, thus the quality of our water greatly affects our health. She uses a water filtration system to purify her water. Visit her website at to discover which water purification system she trusts for her health.
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