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HEALTH WELLNESS Causes that lead to yellow coating of the tongue

Causes that lead to yellow coating of the tongue

By: andy | Aug 30 2013 | 421 words | 446 hits

The tongue is a sense organ and the most flexible muscle of the human body that helps us to perceive the taste and texture of the food we eat. It plays an important role in the enunciation of speech. The tongue has a slightly rough texture due to the presence of small protuberances called papillae on its surface. We are able to perceive taste due to the specialized taste receptor cells that lie on the taste buds which lie on the surface of papillae.

The growth of the pathogens is restricted by the constant flow of saliva but people who don’t pay attention to oral hygiene are more feasible to suffer from tongue-related problems. The presence of white, yellow or black spots on the tongue could indicate infections or other medical conditions.

Factors that lead to yellow coating:

The change in color of tongue is due to poor hygiene. There are few reasons behind the yellow coating of the tongue.

Poor oral hygiene:

Bacterial buildup generally happens when the food debris is lodged between the teeth. People who do not follow a proper oral hygiene are more likely to develop yellowish coating on the tongue. Brushing and flossing the teeth keeps the teeth healthy, and using a tongue cleaner helps in preventing bacterial buildup on the tongue.

Inflamed Papillae:

The pink tissue that covers the tongue could get irritated due to the consumption of hot beverages or food items that have a rough texture. Inadequate intake of water and excessive intake of caffeinated drinks leads to dry mouth. Constant flow of saliva helps to inhibit bacterial growth. Dry mouth raises the possibility of bacterial buildup, which causes the change in color of the tongue. Excessive smoking cigarettes, consumption of alcohol, chewing tobacco, etc. could cause dryness of mouth which would eventually alter the color and texture of the tongue.

Black hairy tongue:

People affected by this condition have a dark, furry tongue. Bacterial overgrowth causes change in color and texture in the mouth. The texture of the tongue alters, as the papillae grow into hair-like projections. Dry mouth, use of drugs that contain bismuth, mouth breathing, smoking, poor oral hygiene, tobacco and mouthwash that contain oxidizing agents, are some of the redounding factors.

The development of white patches or spots that appear on the tongue should not be ignored. These could also indicate some conditions such as:

• Irritation because of consumption of certain food items.
• Poorly-fitted dentures may worsen the presages
• A fungal infection called Oral candidiasis which is caused by Candida albicans
• Grayish/white patches on the tongue which indicate leukoplakia.

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