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HEALTH WELLNESS Colds and Flu are not Just About the Winter Chills

Colds and Flu are not Just About the Winter Chills

By: Janet Martin | Feb 28 2008 | 664 words | 2480 hits

The winter chill may be partly responsible for the numerous cases of flu, coughs and colds that are recorded during that season. But in truth, a lot of people who even had their flu shots will not be spared from getting other disease-causing virus strains if they have weak immune system. Having a strong immune system means having a better chance of fending off flu-causing microbes. And in case you already caught the flu bug, your body will be able to fight the virus easily and speedily if you have healthy immune defenses.

Here are six effective ways to strengthen your immune system.

Chew Some Garlic

Garlic is one of the most versatile herbs available. Aside from fighting off fungal infections, it also has properties that are effective in fighting off viruses and bacteria. Adding a few cloves of garlic in your meal could really help buildup your immune system.

If you are not a fan of garlic and eating its raw cloves feels like doing a segment in the Fear Factor show, then you can always look for supplements that contain garlic. Just visit your nearby health store and you will surely find this product.

Disinfect Your Room

The cold weather makes some microorganisms live longer. This is one of the reasons why many people get infected by contagious diseases, such as flu and colds. One way to minimize your chances of catching the disease during the cold season is by making your house clean and bug-free. Just make sure that the disinfectant and cleansers you will be using to clean your room are organic and free of harmful chemicals. The odor and fumes from chemical-based cleansers might make you fell sick and nauseous.

Improve Your Blood Flow

People end up staying at home and watching television when it is cold and damp outside. More often than not, the chilling temperature prevents them from performing physical activities like walking and jogging. As a result, their blood circulation suffers and they get sick easily.

In order to promote good blood flow, you better start moving your body even when you are inside your home. Do some leg lifts, crunches and push ups while watching your favorite TV program. Hydrotherapy can also help perk up your sluggish blood flow. By dousing yourself with hot and cold water alternately, you are helping to improve your circulation.

Have Some Chicken Soup

If you feel like you are about to be sick, you can treat yourself with some homemade chicken soup. Studies have found that chicken soup contains anti-inflammatory properties, which help prevent the flare up of colds and sore throat.

Don't Forget The C

A sure way to boost your immunity is by regularly taking Vitamin C supplement. If you think your diet lacks this much-needed nutrient, you can always look for a multi-vitamin supplement that has Vitamin C and zinc, which are the leading immune booster.

Aside from taking supplements, it will do you much good if you eat more fruits and vegetables. Not only are these foods healthy, but they are also rich in antioxidants that help make your immune system stronger.


If you seem to be prone to viral and bacterial infections, then there might be something wrong not only with your immune system, but with your whole body as well. Sometimes, people who are not getting the right amounts of nutrients in their bodies are susceptible to catching all sorts of diseases.

Ensure that all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you are taking via supplements and your healthy diet are fully absorbed by your digestive tract. One way to go about this is by undergoing the detoxification process. This program will help get rid of waste products, toxins and fecal matter rotting inside your intestines due to years of neglect and living an unhealthy lifestyle.

You can do colon cleansing by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and taking products that are specifically designed to clean your gut. One detoxification system you can use is Colpurin. Know more about this product by visiting

About author:
Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premier online news magazine.
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