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HEALTH WELLNESS Consequences of alcohol on Blood Pressure

Consequences of alcohol on Blood Pressure

By: Fionn Flemming | Aug 2 2013 | 466 words | 1628 hits

Excessive and long term consumption of alcohol can lead to hypertension. Effects of alcohol rely on the amount and the duration for which it is consumed. Excessive intake of alcohol is the cause of several disorders and diseases. Excessive alcoholism is when a person consumes more than 2-3 drinks of alcohol daily, for a long period. It initially affects the central nervous system (CNS), damages the liver, and also increases the risk of cancer. Excessive consumption of it can increase the blood pressure, as a consequence of hypertension.


• Consuming excess alcohol increases weight to a great extent, as alcohol contains high amounts of calories. Excessive fats put surplus pressure on the arteries, and accordingly on the heart. This increases the pressure on the arteries and the heart, causing a rise in blood pressure.

• Another factor to be taken into deliberation is the combination of stress and alcohol. Stress in itself is one of the main causes of hypertension. As alcohol is a sedative people incline to consume alcohol in order to minimize stress. Therefore, stress and excess consumption of alcohol, together, can also be hazardous factors for increasing the blood pressure.

• It directly contributes in causing high blood pressure and kidney diseases. It has an adverse effect on the functioning of the kidneys and harms them. On the other hand, hypertension is also one of the reasons of kidney diseases.

• Heavy drinkers are more inclined to suffer from blood pressure related problems than others. Heavy drinkers have blood pressure higher by nearly 4 mmHg than non-drinkers. It is, therefore, substantial to avoid alcohol for treating hypertension.

Effects of alcohol consumption on blood pressure are distinct for each person. In some people there may only be a slight rise; while in others, there may be a severe rise. It is observed that the effects of alcohol are similar in women as in men.


• Once the amount of alcohol is reduced, a decline in blood pressure can be noted; this is only if alcohol is the sole underlying cause. It is not easy to give up drinking immediately if a person is an alcoholic.

• You can start by keeping a check on the amount of alcohol you consume. Slowly you can curb your daily intake and then stop drinking altogether.

• Mixing alcohol and water, so as to make the drink last longer, is a good way to prevent excessive alcohol intake.

• Alcoholism can be minimized and also completely stopped with the help of proper treatment methods and therapies.

• As high blood pressure and alcohol are related to each other, it is best to quit drinking. It is also recommendable to get your blood pressure checked by the doctor regularly. One has to severely consider the effects of alcohol and try to modify his lifestyle to lead a healthy life.


About author:
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