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HEALTH WELLNESS Flouride Compounds in Water - Are They Really Harmful?

Flouride Compounds in Water - Are They Really Harmful?

By: Daniel Woods | Aug 22 2009 | 429 words | 1259 hits

Let me ask you a simple question. Are you aware of the flouride compounds in water that you get in your home? These compounds can have a drastic effect on your and your family's health, if left untreated. Let's find out more.

First a little background is in order. Flouride compounds in water are the compounds formed by a combination of flourine and other elements. These compounds are found in water and soil in nature and by themselves are not really harmful.

The problem is - our water companies add these compounds deliberately in the water. This practice started way back in the 1940s. A study of a region where water naturally contained high levels of flouride indicated that it may protect the teeth of children from decay.

So our municipals decided to add flouride in our drinking water so that every one gets enough of fouride for their teeth.

Newer research, however, has failed to find any correlation between high flouride intake and dental decay. What this means is even if your water contains high levels of flouride, it's not really going to benefit you.

Even if flouride was beneficial to the teeth, adding it in drinking water is not going to be really effective. Reason being, when your drink water, it doesn't spend enough time on your teeth. In fact, if you take a flouride treatment from your treatment, you may notice that it is left in place for at least 15 minutes, giving the flouride enough time to act on your teeth.

Even worse, high levels of flouride can lead to health problems like dental flourosis. In adults, it may also cause skeletal flourosis, which damages the bones and joints and causes pain in movement.

Excessive consumption of fluoride can also cause damage to the brain and lead to Alzheimer's and dementia. It can also stunt the proper brain development in children and limit their IQ to lower levels.

It doesn't take much flouride to start seeing these side effects. Even a small quantity of 5mg/kg can lead to flourosis or poisoning.

If you want to be safe from the flouride compounds in water, it is highly recommended to get a good water purifier installed in your home. Not only will it filter out flouride, but other harmful contaminants like chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals too.

In conclusion, the dangers of the flouride compounds in water can be avoided by drinking purified water. So get going now and find a good purifier to protect your health.

Visit my website today to discover more details you need to know when it comes to choosing water purifiers for your home.

About author:
Daniel Woods is a dedicated advocate and researcher of the benefits of safe, clean, healthy filtered water. He shares his research on his website - Water Purifier Home. If you want to know how to choose a water purifier, visit - and learn about the products our editors personally use and recommend.
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