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HEALTH WELLNESS Good Mood Can Be Contagious - Insist on 10 Things Every Day

Good Mood Can Be Contagious - Insist on 10 Things Every Day

By: Emma | Dec 2 2011 | 471 words | 961 hits


1. A deep breath, stretch after waking up in the morning
U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, said Dr. Saudi Arabia, learns to manage their day to relieve the pressure of fast-paced life is very important. After getting up, do not forget to open the windows, fresh air to the brain, "refreshing", stretching stretch the body, so that one day there is a "spirit" of the beginning.

2. Go out with people after the greeting.
Out of the house, the new day began. Might smile, and run into neighbors, colleagues take the initiative to say hello, they will reward you the same smile and greeting, so you start with a warm feeling of the day to study or work.

3. Discuss with people when encounter the problem
"Exhausted the truth," a book author, psychologist Max Qing pointed out, tension and pressure likely to create the feeling of helplessness. If you find that difficult to accomplish today's work, as help to you immediately. Best to speak out specific problems, and then draw on collective wisdom, so as not to make their day stuck in a heavy mood.

4. Sorting office environment.
Good working or learning environment is a source of energy, reducing stress, will also help health. Take a moment to the mountains of paper categories; the next time will make you "targeted." If the hearts of anxiety, tables and chairs can be placed against a wall, make you feel at ease.

5. Irritability to the window station to station.
Natural light will help stabilize mood, but often not enough natural light indoors. So many tasks, feeling anxious, try to look natural light bathing went to the window, and perhaps mood improved.

6. Noon break.
"Nap of the art", author Anthony found that 15-30 minute nap at noon, the afternoon performance will be better. But time cannot be too long, otherwise the brain will enter "deep sleep", difficult to wake up.

7. Do little activities in the afternoon.
After a morning of "brainstorming", in the afternoon you may feel a bit "powerless." May wish to move the body, such as see clients, sending materials, can help you convert ideas to ease the tension.

8. On the way home hum songs.
After a hard day's work, which to relax about the whole thing. On the way home, may wish to listen to music, hum like the song, the music can not only bring about good feelings, but also help you to divert attention, to forget the unpleasant work.

9. Do Dinner with Your Family.
Modern life, family dinner time is the best opportunity to communicate, you can talk to each other their own harvest and knowledge, but do not just complain, affect your mood.

10. Hug your family when go to bed
Embrace the feelings of others can not only enhance the exchange, but also to overcome negative emotions and loneliness, so you take a warm, satisfying feeling to sleep.


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