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HEALTH WELLNESS Health Concerns of lipodystrophy

Health Concerns of lipodystrophy

By: Lillian Matthew | Jun 4 2009 | 816 words | 2842 hits

What is lipodystrophy?
Lipodystrophy unusual changes in the shape of the body and an unusually high number of fat and sugar the blood is for people with HIV / AIDS. Signs and symptoms of lipodystrophy in May include:
Ãâ‚ Changes in the shape of the body (redistribution of fat): Some people will increase in may quantity of fat in your stomach, breast (women) or on the shoulders and the back of the neck (Strike bison).
Ãâ‚ Loss of fat (L.): Some people lose the fat, which is directly under the skin (subcutaneously fats), usually on the face, arms, legs and buttocks. This may be the sunken cheeks of the face and watch the poor and the thin legs.
Ãâ‚ The increase in blood lipid levels: There are two types of fat in blood triglycerides and cholesterol. Is in good cholesterol (HDL) and bad (LDL). Lipodystrophy in the triglycerides, "bad" cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol) and total number of
Cholesterol levels can be increased. High fats in the blood that increases the risk heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and pancreatitis.
Ãâ‚ Increase the sugar (glucose) in blood: Normally, the blood glucose levels remain the hormone insulin. Sometimes the lipodystrophy causes insulin not working properly (insulin resistance). This leads to the increase of glucose in the blood. In the longer term, more than the normal level of sugar in the blood increases the risk of developing diabetes.

What are the causes of lipodystrophy?
May Several factors play a role in lipodystrophy. A number of theories have been proposed to be the cause of lipodystrophy:
The role of anti-HIV medicines:
Ãâ‚ There is evidence that the risk of lipodystrophy increases with the duration of a person use of anti-HIV medicines.
Ãâ‚ The protease inhibitor (PI) are generally associated with the increase of fat in the blood and the body changes in relation to the accumulation of fat.
Ãâ‚ The reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RT inhibitors, the nuclear weapons), especially d4T (Stavudine, zerit) and to a lesser extent, ddI (didanosine), are most commonly associated with the loss of fat.
Ãâ‚ The role of HIV disease: abnormal changes in the fatty tissues of May had HIV itself. Phase showed higher triglycerides in the blood compared to HIV negative. Some researchers believe that the imbalance of the immune system caused with HIV also contribute to lipodystrophy.

How dangerous is lipodystrophy?
The lipodystrophy is not a threat to life, but not cause serious problems.
Ãâ‚ Top-fatty acids in the blood may increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes.
Ãâ‚ Diabetes can in turn cause problems in other parts of the body, such as the weakening of the kidneys, the nerves damage and problems.
Ãâ‚ changes in body fat may be physically uncomfortable and emotionally disturbing for people. It can also affect the decision on the continuation of treatment.

Lipodystrophy can be treated?
A series of treatments that are currently before the court to the various problems associated with the identified fats
Changes. Many of these treatments are currently under investigation and in May have side effects, please make sure to discuss these options with your doctor or pharmacist before, this must be assessed.
Plastic Surgery:
Fat deposits can be cut or removed by liposuction surgery. Implants of fat or fat alternative (such as collagen) can be used for LFT hollow cheeks. These procedures can be expensive, only the work for a short time and at your own risk.
Change Therapies:
Since most IPs are often associated with lipodystrophy, the problem has many phases tried to change anti-HIV drugs for each class (no more nuclear weapons or INNTI). But despite the increased blood fat levels, the result in terms of changes in the shape of the body are not clear.

Ãâ‚ Medications to reduce the amounts of fat and Pravastatin (Pravachol) Rosuvastatin (Crestor) and atorvastatine (Lipitor), were to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides in some people. Some of these medications can interact with the anti-HIV drugs and the doses must be May be adjusted.
Ãâ‚ The metformin (Glucophage) and Rosiglitazone (Avandia) was used to the blood sugar level low and to prevent or manage insulin resistance.
Ãâ‚ The hormones, such as anabolic steroids, Human Growth Hormone (Serostim), or testosterone, have been used to help some of these changes in the shape of the body in the lipodystrophy. These drugs can help to increase lean muscle mass and to replace muscle loss. But it is may Side Effects with long-term hormone therapy, including the loss of fat. This may be the lipodystrophy seen worse.

Diet and exercise:
Some studies have shown that a diet with low fat and rich in fbre increase in exercise can help proportion of fat in the blood and in the shape of the body changes. It is a good idea to drink less alcohol because it increases triglycerides levels. In any case, because everyone can benefit from a healthy diet and exercise, please Interview with a nutritionist and physician to improve your eating habits and the level of activity.

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