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HEALTH WELLNESS How Can I Grow Taller Keeping A Healthy Posture

How Can I Grow Taller Keeping A Healthy Posture

By: Benjamin Styles | Sep 15 2009 | 539 words | 1713 hits

I'm pretty sure that you must have asked yourself at least one time "How can I grow taller?". Many people wish they just had a plus of a few inches for a better job, to be more confident, to stop the other call them "shorty" or to be more attractive for the opposite sex. This was a serious issue for me until not long ago, as I was 5'2. As this problem was really bothering me, I started looking for solutions, and the best answers to the question "How can I grow taller?" I found in a step-by-step program, that has everything about this matter.

The first things I've learned on how can I grow taller, were about the posture. Apparently, having the right posture within the everyday life, as you are walking, running, standing, sitting or sleeping stimulates the body to grow taller, gaining up to a few more inches. First of all a healthy posture not only that it will maximize your height just because you're not sitting or slumping, but for physiological and structural reasons too. The pelvis is the most important lever of the human body and play a crucial role for a good posture and for a higher stature. Keeping your pelvis too far forward will stop the development of the abdominal muscles and after a while, the gravity, pulling your belly down, will force your body to slump or slouch. All this can be prevented by keeping consciously, a straight posture, which will fortify the right combinations of muscles, reducing this way the stress on the spinal discs. As a result, you will gain height.

To improve your standing posture, all you need to do is pretty simple. Lean against a wall, aligning head, shoulders blades, heels and buttocks, touching the wall. Pull back your waist, knees and neck, reducing the space between the body and the wall, keeping only small gaps. This position, or at least something close to this position must become your everyday posture.

There are also a few things to say about the sitting posture. Another answer to the question "How can I grow taller?" stands for reducing the stress on the spinal column, and not keeping a position that will inhibit growth, sitting in a chair with a high and firm back support. Keep your knees slightly higher than the hips, having feet staying flat on the floor. To achieve this position you can put something under your feet. Avoid sitting on soft sofas or chairs and if you must sit on one, support your lower spine with a small pillow. Even if you have the right sitting posture, it's also very important to stand up every hour and stretch for a few minutes. Any stretch enables the body to grow taller.

Sleeping also plays an important role for your height. You need to sleep on a firm mattress and on your back if possible, to keep proper and healthy alignment for your spinal column. If you're used to sleep on a side, like I was, it will be a little hard to sleep on your back at first, but you must get used to it. For a better alignment, give up sleeping with a pillow, or at least use a small one.

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These are just a few of the answers to the question "How can I grow taller?". Also, you can find additional information on this topic in this article: How Can I Grow Taller? - Doing the Right Grow Taller Exercises.
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