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HEALTH WELLNESS How to Become Healthier and Save Money

How to Become Healthier and Save Money

By: Traderdog | Feb 4 2009 | 880 words | 2578 hits

You have only one investment in this life that is of any real value.

That investment is - YOU.  Without YOU there is NOTHING. Â

Probably a very stark remark, but nevertheless true. Therefore, being the sensible person you are you know it pays to look after your best investment.

Take care of yourself particularly if you have a younger generation that is totally reliant on you. Look after your health. No need to become paranoid - just healthy will do!

On the investment front, as well as looking after your health you will also be looking after your bank balance because all the advice that is given here will also save you money.

If you are a smoker, you will probably have thought several times about giving up the weed. It is no secret - not only will this save you money but also it will extend the length of your life and that of the others in your household.

Ask yourself, do you really want to put a rolled up piece of paper in your mouth that contains over 4,000 different chemicals and then set light to it?

Being the intelligent person you are, no, I don't think so.
Do you really want to stink like a dirty old ashtray?
Do you really want your skin to become wrinkled before its due date? That comes quickly enough without voluntarily speeding up the process.

If you worry about the possibility of increased weight as a result of stopping smoking this is not always the case. If it does become a problem, take up gardening - grow your own food - or walking. You never know whom you might meet on your daily walks! In addition, the extra exercise will also be of benefit to your health. Once you stop smoking you will smell much sweeter and your skin will improve. A double bonus on top of the money saved! Â

It seems incredible, but if you are smoking just one packet of 20 cigarettes per day, over a year this will cost you Â1,528. If you multiply this figure by 10, i.e., ten years smoking, this could cost you at least Â15,280. Just think of what you could do with all that money, and just think of the price that you are paying to destroy your health. Where is the sense?

On the economy side of this healthy venture, why not cancel your gym membership, and take a walk with your partner or the children and/or the dog instead? Not only will you feel much better mentally after a walk, but your figure will improve as well as your well-being.

An added bonus is that your dog will love you even more. A dog is a great reason to be out walking, and you never know who you might meet.

Ask yourself how many times you have used the gym since you made your last New Year's resolution? Make your walk a regular feature of your routine and you will be surprised at the benefits. 20/30 minutes per day is ideal, alternate days will also be a benefit. Not really a money saving secret after all - just obvious!

There are several other little tricks you can call upon:

Walk up the stairs at work - don't take a ride in the lift. Walk up the escalator. Don't slouch at the computer - sit up straight. Think of your figure!

Get off the bus one stop early and walk the rest of the way. The same applies to the escalator at stations and in shopping centres - walk instead of remaining static. Think slim!

A really great slimming trick that works is to pull your belly button in until it reaches your spine - well almost!

This little exercise can be done anywhere and is fantastic for aligning your body and is highly recommended. When your belly button is drawn in, your shoulders automatically go back into correct alignment, your belly pulls in and your butt, with a little help from you, does likewise. An improved figure, all for this one little tip - great value. Again - think slim.

Ladies, this one little trick is of extra value to you. When you pull your butt in tight this will also help tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Use it before you lose it!

This exercise gets more important as the years roll on! This is definitely a money saving secret because you are likely to stop problems with your health occurring in later years.

Are you a five-a-day man? No, not five cans of lager, but five portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

Many men seem to have a problem with vegetables, but you will find that if you can get into the habit of eating five portions of fruit and vegetables each day, your long-term health will improve.
Men are now realising that they do not lose their masculinity by taking care of themselves. In fact it improves their stature amongst their mates because they are starting to look good.

There is no need to tell anyone what you are doing - just do it and improve yourself.

A healthy life style and a spot of grooming works wonders. Your wife, partner or future girl friends will reap the benefits and so will you and your health.

Take advantage of these money saving tips, help yourself to improve your health. You won't regret it.

About author:
Traderdog hides a lady who is an experienced author, writing from personal experience only, on a variety of subjects. She runs a successful web site where it is possible to read all her handy money saving tips and also to take advantage of the free books on offer.
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