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HEALTH WELLNESS Low Sperm Count Treatment and Some Great Tips for Increase Sperm Motility

Low Sperm Count Treatment and Some Great Tips for Increase Sperm Motility

By: Lee Breat | Dec 21 2011 | 530 words | 1006 hits

The quality and quantity of sperm in the seminal fluid has a direct impact on the ability to perform male fertilization. In other words, male fertility depends on the amount of sperm and sperm quality. A low sperm count or unhealthy sperm hinder conception.

Studies have shown that human sperm should have normal sperm concentration of 20 million or more sperm per ml of sperm count of at least 40 million sperm per ejaculation, and the mobility of more than 50% with progression to front and over 25% with rapid progression.

However, many factors can affect sperm and block conception - sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently. The good news is there are ways to increase sperm count and quality: switching to a healthy diet that includes some foods, take certain vitamins and nutritional supplements, doing PC exercises, herbal or take semen enhancement pills like pills in the quality of volume.

Causes of Low Sperm Count

1. Age - A lot of knowledge of men a drop in sperm count as they age. As you get more than 40 years, their testosterone levels begin to fall and this may affect both the volume of semen and sperm count.

2. Stress - Stress refers to end if your home or work may have implications in both the ED and reproductive health. Erectile dysfunction, relationship problems, job pressures, etc., can increase stress. However, these problems can be overcome with the help of some simple techniques of relaxation.

3. Overheating Test - Sauna baths and hot baths can cause overheating of the testicles and raise the temperature inside. This can result in a lower concentration of sperm in the semen and fertility problems. Not only this, underwear and tight jeans can also make the testicles are attached to your body and increase its temperature.

Treatment for Low Sperm Count

1. Jump to a healthier, balanced diet rich in vegetables and whole grains.

2. Exercise regularly.

3. Try to reduce stress.

4. Keep the weight if you are overweight, losing excess weight.

5. Do not smoke.

6. Reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption.

7. Do not use recreational drugs.

8. Squatting less frequently, maintain a space of three days between ejaculations.

9. Avoid tight underwear, saunas, jacuzzis and all that can raise the temperature of the testicles.

Home Remedies for Low Sperm Count

1. Garlic is one of the most effective home remedies to increase sperm count. Garlic contains selenium, which is one of the most essential components to increase sperm count.

2. Onion: Onions are good for the heart and the blood thin. Improves blood circulation and allowing blood to flow to sexual organs over time increases your sperm count.

3. Celery: Celery is also used as an excellent home remedy to increase sperm count. Celery contains androsterone, which increases the sperm count and sperm health. Celery is also beneficial in sexual dysfunctions related.

4. Eggs: Eggs are good sources of selenium and other vital nutrients. The eggs are very effective in curing various sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, reduced level of eggs, etc. Testosterone improves blood circulation and increase strength.

5. Water is one of the cheaper home remedies to increase sperm count. Water keeps the moisture and keeps the circulation flowing. The water nourishes the sperm and increases sperm count and sperm health.


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