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By: Carson Martin | Sep 19 2012 | 448 words | 1074 hits

1.Wake up early in the morning:-
Its 1st one step to move in healthier life, this is mention in our ancient history to wake up early in the morning is the best way to receive all good and pure things from nature; it gives your body strength full and fit to struggle whole day easily.
Having good reasons to wake up and things to do is a half of success on the way to becoming an early riser. body metabolism will be increase due to wake up early in the morning. if wake up earlier then make sure having some important planned for the day something that you really want to do first thing as you get up and which is more important than taking an extra hours to think how to explore yourself in a day. so not from tomorrow form today start wake in the morning to Acquire Stress Relief Life.

2.Mediation & Yoga's in daily routine:-
These words yoga comes from 'Yoga' comes from the old Sanskrit word 'yug' which means union, joining together, harmony and word comes from lord Shiva ,for the process of self realization, to cope with robotic life always need our body resistance, by the help of meditation you will be charged for full day & enthusiastic all the time. This key factor is playing important role in stress relief life, yoga give us make master mind in life, also you have to control on you life and desire. Which way you want spent your life you can go on. in these way you can come with a one stress relief life.

3.Have Always balanced diet:-
Need always balanced diet for balanced development, it means a proper diet on proper time and also in proper amount, follow to some chart for a week menu in a meal for balancing all the elements of balanced diet(protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, Fibers).different age group need different types of meal, also its segmented according place, people, preference. On time meal is increase our body resistance and digestion. These are also take part a important role in stress relief life.

4. Make relation with all calmly:-
We are already live in competitive world so always try to make cool relation with all bodies. if unnecessarily never try to involvecreate critical condition, we are social animal try to make good terms with all at any condition, if you are more stress in that case if you can talk with anybody calmly after that surly you feel some relax at this point. These are Mantra of how to spent life without stress.
So if we can arrange all these formula in arrange manner then life become so easier either in market or in home or personal or professional.


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