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HEALTH WELLNESS Overview of the symptom - fatigue

Overview of the symptom - fatigue

By: John Anderson | Aug 20 2013 | 423 words | 1411 hits

Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness or exhaustion or a demand to rest because of deficiency of strength or energy. It may result from overwork, boredom, worry, poor sleep, or lack of exercise. It is a symptom that may be induced by medicine, illness, or medical treatment such as chemotherapy. Depression or anxiety can also induce it. They are symptoms, not diseases. Because these presages can be induced by many other health problems, the significance can only be resolved when other presages are estimated.


• Any illness, such as a cold or the flu, may induce it which generally goes away as the illness clears up. Most of the time, mild fatigue happens with a health problem that will meliorate with home treatment and does not need a visit to a doctor.

• A stressful emotional situation may also induce it. This type generally clears up when the stress is relieved.

• Many prescription and nonprescription medicines can also induce it. The use or abuse of alcohol, illegal drugs, or caffeine, can cause it.

Fatigue that lasts longer than 2 weeks usually requires a visit to a doctor. This type of fatigue may be induced by a more severe health condition like:

• A lower in the quantity of oxygen-carrying substance (hemoglobin) found in red blood cells (anemia).

• Troubles with the heart, such as coronary artery disease or heart failure that restricts the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle or the rest of the body.

• Metabolic muddles, such as diabetes, in which sugar (glucose) remains in the blood rather than entering the body's cells to be used for energy.

• Problems with the thyroid gland, which controls the way the body uses energy.

• A low thyroid level (hypothyroidism) can cause fatigue

• A high thyroid level (hyperthyroidism) can cause fatigue

• Liver disease and kidney disease which induce it when the concentration of certain chemicals in the blood builds up to toxic levels.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an uncommon cause of severe, persistent fatigue. A visit to a doctor is generally required when fatigue happens along with more serious presages, such as increased breathing problems, signs of severe illness, irregular bleeding, or unexplained weight gain or loss.
If it occurs without an evident cause, it is significant to estimate your mental health. It is a general symptom of mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety. It may become so severe that you may consider suicide as a way to end your pain. If you think it may be caused by a mental health problem, seek medical help from your doctor.


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