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HEALTH WELLNESS Pinworm Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Pinworm

Pinworm Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Pinworm

By: Lee Breat | Dec 31 2012 | 649 words | 1037 hits

The pinworm is the mainly general worm virus in the United States. School-age children, preschool children, the incidence of infection. In some groups nearly 50% of children have been infected. Infection often occurs in more than one family member. Adults are less likely to have pinworm infection, except mothers of infected children. Child care and other institutions tend to have a pinworm infection.

The pinworm living in the lower small intestine, the upper part of the colon. It is worldwide, and lead to the most common infection enterobiasis. Unlike many other intestinal parasites, pinworm normally does not enter the blood or other organs than the intestines. Disoriented, and only in rare cases, pinworm vagina were found more rarely in the uterus, fallopian tubes, liver and peritoneum, but the worms can not survive in these places long.

Pinworm itching may wake you in the middle of the night, so you squirm a lot. So, if you have your back itching and pain, tell your mom or dad. If you see your underwear or toilet worms, you should immediately tell their parents. However, you should know that pinworm and some people do not have any symptoms.

The Reasons for Pinworm

The pinworm is in the United States the most common worm infection that primarily affects school-age children. Pinworm eggs spread directly from person to person or touching bedding, food, or other items contaminated eggs.
In general, children infected with pinworm eggs by touch, know their fingers in their mouth. The eggs are swallowed, and eventually hatch in the small intestine. In the colon adults. The female worms and then move to the child's anal area, especially at night, and deposit more eggs. This may cause intense itching and regions, and may even become infected with.

When a person scratches the itchy area, microscopic eggs close to the finger, and then transferred to other surfaces, such as food, liquids or other people. The pinworm eggs can survive for two to three weeks on these surfaces. When the eggs reach the mouth of another person from the contaminated surface and start a new infection. You can also re-infection again swallow the eggs.

When people breathe air in the eggs, the infection can spread, but this is rare. In rare cases, pinworm infection persists, because the hatch outside the anus, the young worms crawl in the body.

Symptoms of Pinworm

Caused by pinworm infection is the female pinworm laying her eggs. In fact, most infected people have little or no symptoms, but if the infection is heavy, symptoms may be more severe
Symptoms include anal or vaginal itching and tingling, irritability, fatigue, weight loss, behavioral problems and night-waking/nightmares.
The most common symptoms of itching around the anus pinworm. To make matters worse at night, when the infected female deposits her eggs. This may make it difficult to get a good night sleep.
In girls, pinworm infection can cause itching and vaginal irritation (vaginitis). In severe cases, weight loss, agitation, irritability, loss of appetite may occur. In some rare cases, attacks of appendicitis may have resulted in the blocking appendix pinworm.

The itching is usually worse at night and caused around the anus area to migrate to the spawning worms. When a child scratches itchy area, the result may be eczema or bacterial infection, perirectal. The girl, pinworm infection can spread to the vagina, causing vaginal discharge.

Sweet pinworm infection - only a small number of adults in your body - may cause no symptoms. The onset of symptoms with moderate to severe infection.
Treatment for Pinworm

Medicine. Over-the-counter and prescription medicines come in liquid, chewable tablet, and pill forms. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding and children younger than 2 should not take over-the-counter medicine without first talking to a doctor about the risks and benefits of the medicine.
Steps to prevent reinjection and the spread of infection, including frequent hand-washing and routine washing of clothes and bedding. These measures are important and helpful even if medicine is not being used.

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