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HEALTH WELLNESS Sleep Well With Natural Salt Lamps

Sleep Well With Natural Salt Lamps

By: Edwin Mah | Aug 21 2007 | 332 words | 1072 hits

Natural salt lamps are a unique way you can improve the quality of your sleep. A natural salt lamp is basically a salt crystal with a light source built into it. These natural salt crystals were created millions of years ago and are mostly found in salt mines around the world. The heat from the light source causes the crystal to emit an electrical charge, releasing negative ions into the air. Negative ions are the Ãâ‚Åvitamins of the airÃâ‚, and are beneficial to our health and well being.

Studies have shown that small quantities of negative ions can quickly kill bacteria in the air. Negative ions are found in huge quantities in vicinities of natural settings like the forest and waterfall, and the quantities of these ions drop drastically in the presence of electrical equipment, like TV sets, computers and microwave ovens. Electrical equipment produce positive ions, which are known as Ãâ‚ÅfatigueÃâ‚ ions, because they have harmful effects on the body. So the salt lamp is kind of like a natural ionizer that can be used to freshen up the air in the room. Imagine your room smelling like the rainforest or fresh after a thunderstorm! Some common areas where people put their salt lamps would be next to a computer, or other electrical equipment to Ãâ‚ÅneutralizeÃâ‚ the positive ions. Putting one at your bed side table could do wonders to improve your sleep quality.

Because these salt lamps are natural air purifiers, they are helpful for people with respiratory problems like asthma. In fact Speleotherapy is an alternative form of treatment for asthma patients in Eastern Europe which involves spending a few hours a day in underground salt mines for a few months.

The salt crystals used to make the salt lamps come in different natural colors ranging from white to orange to purple. The purple Persian salt lamps have been known as a more effective aid for insomnia as people have reported sleeping better if they used a purple salt lamp in their room.

About author:
Natural salt lamps are just one of the many ways to help you sleep better. Visit Natural Salt Lamps to see what one looks like. Seek out tips and advise for better sleeping at The Sleep Strategist.
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