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HEALTH WELLNESS Some Commonly Due to Migraine

Some Commonly Due to Migraine

By: Lee Breat | Jan 9 2012 | 674 words | 951 hits

Suddenly, sitting in class - sitting Jill thought to be migraine, in a short time his condition was such that the two friends took him home together, and had to go home and take him to the vet. Migraine is exactly what it can tell a victim.

This is no ordinary headache pain is one of the head. Eyes the light of the cross - hatched lines are visible, g sensitivity. Due to unbearable pain in the head occasionally brain hemorrhage or stroke can occur.

Common symptoms are different from migraine headaches. This person seems to sparkle in the eyes is unusual. Numbness in any part of her body seems to be small.

Begin - begin to be relieved from the pain pills, but after all these drugs are ineffective.

The cause of migraine may be inherited. In young girls than boys are too much of it has been found. Hormone system is a complex variety of the girls.Migraine or tension headaches are related to both.

Migraine Headaches

Igren a type of chronic headache pain that can last several hours or days. Patient is dark and quiet place to sit. Some people with migraine before or other symptoms are also called the Ora.

General Ora - the glow coruscate, black spots look or feel tingling in the arm or leg. Although not available to treat migraine, certain medications reduces the intensity and frequency.


Did not know the exact cause of migraine, but genetic and environmental factors may have a role. Migraine Troigeminl Nurokemicl changes in nerve and brain imbalance in the chemicals, particularly serotonin is due to start.

Migraine is less likely when serotonin levels, which led to the secretion of Nuropeptaid Troijeminl system does. Nuropeptaid outer covering of the brain (Meninnjej) causes headache is approaching.

Some commonly due to migraine

1. Natural or hormonal changes, specifically in the case of women, where the headache is a lower level of estrogen hormones. Women may have migraines or before the time period. Some medications, such as - birth control pills or hormone therapy or a headache Ripleshment increases or decreases.

2. Some food or beverages, such as - beer, red wine, old cheese, chocolate, aspartame, caffeine optimization,
monosodium glutamate etc. migraine headaches may begin.

3. Stress and anxiety

4. Sensory stimulation, such as - fast, light, sun bedazzle the eye, sharp sound, perfume, smell (like - paint thinner and smoke).

5. Sleep - wake patterns such as the barriers - not to sleep, excessive sleep, etc..

6. Physical factors such as - physical exhaustion or Atyhdik diligence.

7. Changes in the weather (extreme heat or cold)

8. Some medications can start the pain of migraine.


Migraine early childhood, adolescence or adult could ever have.

1. Simple or acute pain, which may be one or both sides of the head

2. Quiver like a pain

3. Physical activity to increase the pain

4. Pain can cause disruptions in daily activities

5. Nausea. The reverse may also be

6. Voice and light sensitivity

Migraine pain if left untreated, it can be 4 to 72 hours. Migraine Headaches different - different people individually is to limit, some people may have migraines several times a month, while others are less.

Most people with migraines do not Ora, also called common migraine, while some people had a problem with it is to Ora, a migraine called classic migraine. In general Ora changes in your vision, such as - flash of light arms and legs look and feel like stinging pins etc..

Detection and diagnosis

Doctor for diagnosis Mangegen full knowledge of its history. Ask the doctor how the pain starts, how long it lasts and what type of pain, symptoms of Ora going with it, like - nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to light may be asked questions related to .

If your doctor your medical history and symptoms of migraine are available based on physical tests will seek to identify the disease. Physical and neurological tests are normal in migraine. Does your headache is sudden, unusual, or serious or physical abnormality is found,

Your doctor other possible causes, such as - tumors, stroke, infection, aneurysm, neurological diseases and other abnormalities Nuroljikl detection probe can advise you the following -

Blood inspected a blood test can be calculated from the body's white blood cells, which means growth.


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