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HEALTH WELLNESS Strategies to treat & prevent animal bites.

Strategies to treat & prevent animal bites.

By: Balfour Morris | Jun 15 2013 | 401 words | 1844 hits

The phenomenon which is termed as the act of getting bit from the animals is said to be extremely common & these are said to be extremely dreadful when caught under the condition of infection. This attack is usually caused by pets & the domestic ones, but the wilder ones display the similar symptoms during the time they have been suffering from illnesses or are under certain phobia.

The bites that are caused due to dogs are extremely familiar cases of the animal bites. On the other hand, such bites that are caused due to cats are not that common, but they are the pivotal reasons to enhance the factors lead to illnesses & dreaded infections from the teeth which are very sharp & long, enough to penetrate through the skin & set up deep wounds of harmful type. Certain other wild animals which include skunks, raccoons etc also are the causes of such bites, but the infection caused by them, do not lead to such dreaded measures.

Animal bites mainly lead to bruising of the skin, thereby causing wounds of the severe kind. The infection can even prove to be fatal if the individual suffering from such bites possesses weak immunity system or those who are suffering from diabetes or also those people who have been experiencing ailments associated with the arterial periphery.


• High fever.

• Wounds or injuries which are like punctures to the skin.

• Immense bruises.


It is essential to remember to properly clean the affected region with lots of cleansing soap & water & later, it should be effectively diagnosed by the medical professional in order to achieve treatment according to the severity. Following are the essential first aid measures that need to be conducted & recommended for animal bites:

1. It is necessary to reassure & calm down the individual who suffered an animal bite.

2. If the wound is not deep, gently wash it with lots of water & a subtle featured soap for a couple of minutes.

3. Later, gently apply an antibiotic lotion on the affected area & cover it with a clean dressing.

4. But if the bleeding is severe, with a dry cloth cover the region to stop the bleeding.

5. Whatever nature is of the wound, it is essential to consider proper medical help as soon as possible.

6. Acquire proper immunization during the treatment process.

7. Undergo the vaccination of the tetanus for safeguarding the health of the family.


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