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HEALTH WELLNESS The jeopardy of skipping breakfast

The jeopardy of skipping breakfast

By: Camili Smith | Jul 24 2013 | 400 words | 1748 hits

Refraining breakfast can be detrimental to your overall health and is a very poor way to begin your day, whereas, a healthy, delicious, nutritious breakfast can start your day off right and make it a great day all around. When we skip it, our body runs on empty until lunchtime, which is often very difficult because it needs that start of energy in the morning to wake you up, wake up your metabolism and digestive system and keep you motivated throughout the morning.

Factors that are affected because of skipping breakfast:

• Energy
It provides the body with nutrition and substance, which is where the energy comes from. Those that do not eat it have low energy, are often groggy, and are more unmotivated and irritable than their counterparts that start the day off right. Upon waking up, we cannot expect our body to have the energy we need, and give us motivation in the morning if we do not have it first.

• Concentration Going to work on an empty stomach or trying to concentrate if you've skipped it is extremely difficult. The brain has a harder time focusing on the task at hand, and it over scatterbrained because it doesn't have the energy and nutrition to keep it working properly. We use so much brainpower on a daily basis, and if the body doesn't start out with a great intake of food in the morning, our whole day will be off.

• Metabolism
Three to four hours after you eat, your metabolism shuts down and behaves as if it needs to store food. Unless you are trying to pack on the pounds, this probably isn't ideal for you and your body. This means that your metabolism is not working throughout the night, nor does it start working in the morning, until you eat something. This can affect your overall weight. If you assume that skipping it and cutting those extra calories will actually help you lose weight, but your assumption is absolutely wrong.

• Mental Health
Hunger can also cause mood swings. When your body is hungry that means it is lacking something, and it affects every aspect of the body. Even if you don't necessarily "feel" hungry in the morning, it is good to start out with even a light breakfast of some fruit or yogurt. Eating breakfast not only improves concentration and mood, but it also affects overall mental performance, problem solving and memory.


About author:
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