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HEALTH WELLNESS Tips Of Getting Rid Of Hemorrhoids

Tips Of Getting Rid Of Hemorrhoids

By: Miley Richards | Nov 25 2011 | 458 words | 804 hits

A common trouble which women usually face is Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy. Hemorrhoids are an illness affecting the veins of anus and rectum. The Hemorrhoids are the responsible for the swelling, pain, itching and burning sensation tolerated by women. It makes the pelvic veins as varicose veins. The veins around the anus become swollen, irritating and itching.

The causes of hemorrhoids are many but occurrence of Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy is the extra pressure on the uterus of women. This makes the veins surrounding the anus part of the body makes them dilated and anguish. The progesterone hormone is secreted at the time of pregnancy in women. The pregnant women give a lot of pressure on the pelvic region making it as varicose veins. It further makes the stool to pass harder during the bowel movements. Women should add more of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Natural cure for hemorrhoids can be explained as below

• Fiber Rich Diet: One of the best treatments of piles is eating plenty of fiber in the food. It is beneficial to take 8 glasses of water a day. Exercises support you for the cardiovascular fitness. It helps in the maintaining the water level in the body. The circulation of the blood throughout the body also gets better. The amount of water required by the body will be retained and the rest will be passed down into the urine. The process of exercises helps you to provide oxygen to the blood and it is transported to different parts of the body. It rejuvenates you and helps you to be stay healthy with all the periods of the activities. So drinking plenty of water every day will cure your pain of hemorrhoids. It also makes the overall impact of the hemorrhoid on the body go. This is considered good for the baby and healing of the hemorrhoids.

The method of Hemorrhoid Treatment is explained as below

• Avatrol: It is a very fine medicine for getting relief from hemorrhoids and it is known to work in just a matter of weeks. The hemorrhoids make the veins varicose. The veins become inflamed and ache in the anal and rectal part of the body. The problem of hemorrhoid is not only disturbing but is recurrent as well. The Avatrol helps in strengthening the blood vessels of the anorectal portion. The results of getting alleviated from the problem can be seen in few days. It is well for fighting with both internal and external hemorrhoids. Avatrol is considered to contain ingredients which come directly from the nature. It also stops the bleeding from thrombosed or prolapsed hemorrhoids. It is helpful in putting the constipation to put on end as well. It also prevents the anal leaking which can happen due to hemorrhoids.

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