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HEALTH WELLNESS What leads to the sufferings of cirrhosis?

What leads to the sufferings of cirrhosis?

By: Carson Martin | Jun 12 2013 | 397 words | 2191 hits

Cirrhosis is a fatal disorder that creates its impact on the liver which actually leads to its gradual deterioration as well as it malfunctioning & this mainly happens due to the injury that is caused in such essential regions. The scar tissue leads for the replacement of the potential tissues of the liver, thereby somehow creating disturbances for the proper blood circulation to happen along the liver. It is explained that the scarring action also leads for the destruction of the ability of the liver to execute certain functions of the liver which are listed as follows:

1. The liver is not able to control any type of infections that might create an adverse impact on it.

2. It is not able to eradicate the functioning of the bacteria as well as the non-essential toxins that are located in the blood stream.

3. Proper processing of the nutrients, hormones & the drugs that circulate in such regions.

4. It is not able to generate effective amount of nutrients which help to regulate the clotting of the blood.

5. It fails to make the production of bile which leads for the absorption of fatty acids & this even includes the cholesterol as well as those vitamins that are fat soluble.


1. Fatigue or weakness.

2. Nausea.

3. Excess loss of weight.

4. Acute pain in the abdomen & even bloating which usually happens due to the absorption of the non-essential fluids that takes place in the abdomen.

5. Constant itching.


1. Obesity forms the fundamental reason for leading for such causes & this also happens when people are more addictive to the consumption of alcohol, hepatitis C or sometimes when both the symptoms are present, cirrhosis can occur.

2. A specific type of fat which is referred to as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which gradually develops in the liver & it also leads for the cause of cirrhosis.


1. Proper consumption of the well balanced diet is extremely essential to keep such adverse disorders at bay.

2. A person suffering from this ailment must avoid the consumption of raw shellfish as this is the root cause for the presence of bacterium that might give rise to certain allergic reactions.

3. Keep away from the consumption of alcohol or all those eateries that prove to be harmful for the health & prove to be detrimental for the functioning of the liver.

4. Transplantation of the liver forms an essential treatment technique for such happenings.


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