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HEALTH WOMEN'S-HEALTH Enjoy A Regulated Menstrual Cycle With Dianette

Enjoy A Regulated Menstrual Cycle With Dianette

By: Kelly Kites | Jun 4 2012 | 534 words | 968 hits

The combined oral contraceptive pills, popularly referred as ‘the pill,’ have surely revolutionised the traditional situation of contraception and facilitated modern women to remain free from the risks of unwanted pregnancy without sacrificing their sex life. After witnessing the huge popularity of the hormonal birth control pills, medicine manufacturers have been encouraged to come up with newer versions of medications of this class under different brand names. Currently the number of contraceptive pill users in the UK only is assumed to be more than 3.5 million and it is still increasing. The birth control pill market of the UK has more than 30 types of combined oral contraceptives but not all of them are equally popular. Among the few brands that have received significantly popular response from users, Dianette definitely holds the top position.

What is Dianette?

The basic pharmacology of Dianette is not much different from other medications belonging to the same class. Like other combined oral contraceptive medications the active ingredients of the pill are two synthetic female sex hormones – oestrogen (ethinylestradiol 35 micrograms) and progestogen (cyproterone acetate 2 mg). Prescribed usage of this pill provides a woman with continuous supply of these two hormones in her physical system and keeps the natural level of these two hormones constantly high. Proper usage of this contraceptive pill not only provides women with almost 99% effective protection against unwanted pregnancy but also it has an important role to play in regulating the menstrual cycle. Women who suffer from severe acne and hirsutism are also expected to receive the desired relief from these problems.

How does this medication work?

The recommended way to use Dianette or any other combined contraceptive pill is that a user needs to start taking it at the beginning of the month and continue it for 21 consecutive days without interruption. It is also important that the pills are taken almost at the same time every day. Once this 21 day course is complete, a user should have a 7 day pill-free period before she starts with a new pack of this medication. The two synthetic hormones ethinylestradiol and cyproterone acetate mimic actions of their natural counterparts and make your physical system believe that ovulation has already occurred. It stops your physical system from producing eggs and the chances of being pregnant reduce considerably. Dianette also makes the fluid at the neck of an ovary thick enough so that sperm cannot enter the ovary and impregnate an egg. This pill also keeps thinning the womb lining and allows a fertilised egg to grow by attaching itself with it. The thinned womb lining fails to host a fertilised egg and the risk of conceiving unwantedly is nullified almost completely.

How to buy Dianette online?

The online pharmacies of the UK and Europe make it simple for you to buy Dianette online by following certain simple steps. At first you need to get registered with any one of the leading, genuine medication selling companies and then take a free online consultation with the team of expert professionals. If you are found to be physically fit to take this birth control pill you can order your course from the source and it will be dispatched for safe overnight delivery.

About author:
Kelly Kites writes article on various health related problems for site Contraception Clinic. Out of many work of her, one is on information of contraceptive pill like Dianette.
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    Regulated Menstrual Cycle

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