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HEALTH WOMEN'S-HEALTH Symptoms of yeast infection diagnose the infection by yourself

Symptoms of yeast infection diagnose the infection by yourself

By: Linda | Dec 20 2012 | 532 words | 886 hits

Yeast infection is a common disease of women, men and children. It has different symptoms according to the part of body that is being attacked. Generally, yeast infection is of two types, oral infection and external infection. Oral infection is also known as thrush that attacks inside the mouth. It occurs due to different causes, one is the excessive use of antibiotics among the women, men and children. Weak immune system is also one of the major yeast infection causes. External infection attacks on the external parts of the body. It has similar causes such as use of antibiotics and weak immune system. Other main causes are the use of harsh products, tight clothing, unhygienic practices and unhealthy diet.

Yeast Infection Treatment

Oral or thrush mold virus is very painful disease. It makes life awful as you are not able to eat properly during the infection. This infection is common among babies who get infected by the breast-feeding of their mothers or unclean feeding bottles. Lacy patches on the tongue, palate or elsewhere inside the mouth is one of the major symptoms of yeast infection. Sometimes these lacy patches seem like the curdled milk. You may also feel swelling on the gums or tongue during the infection. Oral infection causes pain and soreness while drinking or eating. It is suggested, do not try to clean the white area inside the mouth it may cause bleeding and severe pain. Oral infection is common in HIV patients though it is not a main source of Aids (HIV).

The symptoms of external mushroom disease are large in number. External infection in babies can be identified by the redness and rashes that cause due to the excessive use of diaper. Other major symptoms in children are bloating, diarrhea, learning problems, ear infection, headache, depression, tiredness, eczema, hyperactivity, long-lasting colic and desire for sweets. The symptoms of yeast infection in men are bloating, diarrhea, sexual dysfunction, irritability, mood swing, prostate problems, constipation, extreme tiredness, bad breath, penile discharge, itching on penis, pain while urination, soreness on the penis, heart rate increase, desire for sugary foods (such as sweets, beer and chocolate), and discomfort after sexual intercourse. The indication of the infection is women are foul vaginal discharge, redness, rashes, itching, burning, swollen vagina, pain and soreness while having sex, pain during urination, vomit, nausea and small bumps on vagina. To deal with all these symptoms the finest way is natural Yeast Infection home remedies. Natural remedies do not have any side effects and they can be used for babies as well.

is a way more common in pregnant women. There are several reasons behind the fact. The most common cause of the infection during pregnancy is hormonal imbalance that multiplies the infection swiftly. The pregnancy period is the most important stage of women's life. Do not be afraid of the disease at all, it is curable. It may create an uncomfortable environment for you but it is not harmful for baby. Make sure to start the treatment right after the diagnosis otherwise it may convert in a severe form. You can use medications but the home remedies for yeast infection is the best way to cure the disease especially in pregnancy.

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