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Archaeology Courses

By: Adam George | Dec 25 2010 | 485 words | 1406 hits

During your studies at the undergraduate level there is usually little specialization. A major in anthropology requires courses in all of the subdisciplines. If you are interested in ancient and classical civilizations, the particular undergraduate major is not important.

However, it is advantageous to begin learning several ancient and modern languages. As a rule, historical archaeologists major in anthropology or history. You'll need to have an undergraduate degree (B.A./B.S.) to work as a field archaeologist in the U.S. and to perform basic laboratory studies.

An M.A./M.S. would be enough to direct field crews and is sufficient for many government positions in archaeology. It is also sufficient to work in the private sector, to teach in a community college, and to work for some museums. An M.A./M.S. with a thesis and a year of field and laboratory experience is the minimum for certification by the Society of Professional Archeologists.

Students can specialize in their area of interest such as forensic anthropology at the master's degree level. The goal of education is to give students advanced understanding. Economic anthropology, contemporary anthropological theory, osteology, and forensic pathology are some courses that make up an online master's degree program. Students are able to take their specialization and enter careers as leaders. Some career options could include:High School Teacher,Social Services Consultant,Museum Curator Students understand the foundational principles of the field, which gives them the ability to use their expertise. Students often apply their knowledge to global, public health, and social issues.

Putting into practice one's theoretical knowledge is important to becoming a competent Apologist. This is done by practicing good oral and written communication skills. Even though a person is good at oral communication such as public speaking and debating, the written aspect should be developed and perfected as well. Written works help the apologist to get noticed and become an expert in his field. It also helps him to get feedback from his readers which will help him to strengthen his weak spots and help him to keep current with what is happening in the Christian faith.

Survey - This is the most common way to begin an archaeological project. An archaeologist will systematically locate a region where he would carry out the survey. The survey method was not used before, Earlier; researchers would excavate the plainly visible features at monumental sites. However, modern day researchers use different survey methods like surface survey, aerial survey, geophysical survey and regional survey. Under surface survey, the land is first surveyed based on the settlement patterns and structures of the ancient civilization. The researchers try to gather information about primitive cultures and use mini-excavation methods. Some of the mini-excavation techniques include augers, corers and shovel test pits. Aerial survey is conducted by using cameras attached to airplanes and balloons. Techniques like infrared wavelengths, radar technology and thermographs are also used for aerial survey. There are several textbooks on archaeology that help in understanding the survey methods, in detail.

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    Archaeology Courses

  • Archaeology Courses
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