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JOBS CAREER-MANAGEMENT Finding 3D Animation Jobs in Animation Studios

Finding 3D Animation Jobs in Animation Studios

By: Productionjobshop | May 23 2013 | 425 words | 1384 hits

Animation industry is certainly a cool, interesting, and lucrative in nature. No wonder why people these days, prefer to go for 3D animation jobs. Wherever you are in the civilized world, you will surely find some job vacancies for animators. Whether the jobs in animation are scarce or abundant, people surely prefer to become animators these days.

Since the number of people is increasing in this industry, the scarcity in the available positions is inevitable. In order to seize any 3D animation job opportunity, a CGI artist needs to excel in preparing and promoting himself. First of all, one needs to learn the art of networking himself or herself. In most cases where reputed animation studios are concerned, showing show-reels is just not enough to catch their attention. One needs to participate in various events and exhibitions, where he or she can get any chance to know several studio executives. When a CGI artist has a good rapport with a studio executive, the chances of his or her show-reel to be noticed and considered, doubles.

Sometimes, however, even if the show-reel is good, one may not get a job just because the animation studio is not hiring at that point of time. Nevertheless, there is no need to lose hope, as that particular portfolio will be kept on top for the future reference when they have any vacancy. There are even times when animation studios simply do not want to hire fresh talents. So the question now is that how would one get experience if the studios are not hiring?

Well, to answer that question, first one must understand that there are plenty of other industries where 3D animation is used. One should approach such other industries. If one cannot find a job in an animation studio, then he or she must consider working and getting experience from a game design company, a multimedia company, a web design company, an advertising company, or any such similar companies. Plenty of companies need a CGI artist, and one can take this opportunity to expand his or her portfolio as well as enrich the experience.

Getting 3D animation jobs in industries other than animation studios is really easy. One simply needs to register at several free online job portals, upload his or her CV and portfolio, and wait for some company to contact him or her. Some free online job sites even allows the registered users to find and apply jobs in animation in various industries. Once, enough experienced is gained, one can again apply for 3D animation jobs in animation studios.

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