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JOBS CAREER-MANAGEMENT Pick Up Sarkari Naukri For 5 Reasons That Are The Basics For People In India

Pick Up Sarkari Naukri For 5 Reasons That Are The Basics For People In India

By: preeti | Mar 13 2012 | 610 words | 1606 hits

When planning for jobs after finishing of the education, most of the people in India are eyeing the jobs in the Indian government which is also termed as sarkari naukri. There are many people who want to have these jobs and it seems the end of the road for them. It is like that they were making an effort throughout their education days to get into some or the other kind of jobs in the government. And such an effort is also fully justified because these jobs have certain advantages associated with them, which perhaps is not to be seen with the other jobs in the private sector or businesses.

Because of so many advantages that are seen with the government jobs or sarkari naukri, it is obvious that the students go for such jobs in different sectors of the government organisations. To justify their choices for these recruitments, people give out 5 common reasons.

Plenty of jobs - Since the government of India as well as those in each of the states have control over many organisations, the jobs that are seen in the different departments are many. In each sector, starting from the class III and IV employees, there are recruitments done for the officer positions and this means that there will be hundreds of posts in a particular department. The official hierarchy is also very long due to which there are many personnel that can work in the same departments.

Various departments - Under the ministries in the Indian central government and various state governments, there are many sectors. Some of the departments that are under the govt are railways, health, postal, transport, banks, general administration, and many others. These departments are spread out in the whole of the country and are not concentrated in any particular region, thereby making them so extensive that it requires thousands of employees to carry out the functions at different levels.

Good salaries - With so many posts and departments, people who are seeking the sarkari naukri have the benefit of getting the better pay scales in present days because of the increase in basic pay since the time of implementation of the 6th pay commission rules. The overall emoluments are quite high and in some case better than what the same recruits get in private sectors.

Perks - Along with handsome salaries, the recruits in government jobs are entitled to all the perks that are promulgated in these jobs as per the salary rules and regulations. When these employees get promoted, their perks and salaries also get increased as per their seniority and also depending on the pay structures as established from time to time. Within such perks are included the dearness allowance, house rent allowance, LTC, and other facilities as fixed by the government from time to time.

Stability - In contrast to the private sector jobs, which are not stable due to the discharging from jobs depending on the profitability of the company, the sarkari naukri has scored many times over the private sector. People who are recruited into permanent jobs are not liable to be ousted with ease as there are plenty of procedures to be carried out, and this is laid down in the constitution of India. Hence the stability of jobs of such people is ensured by the constitution of India itself.

These basic reasons that are intricately integrated with the sarkari naukri drive scores of people towards the various jobs in the country in various departments. People are eager to get into these jobs and be a part of the Indian government and lead a peaceful life for as long as they are capable or unless they retire from these jobs.


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