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JOBS CAREER-MANAGEMENT Video game tester jobs - How to get recruit for a video game testing job even you are an amateur

Video game tester jobs - How to get recruit for a video game testing job even you are an amateur

By: John Mayers | Oct 5 2010 | 342 words | 1008 hits

Do you want to learn how you can get recruit for a video game tester job even though you know nothing about it? If you really love playing video game that much, then you have the qualification for it. This article will explain to you how you can apply for a video game tester job efficiently.

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Many gaming companies such as Microsoft, EA, Nintendo, etc. are hiring hundred of video game testers to test play their games. There are many games being release each month, the job of the video game tester is to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the game before they release to the market. Game company can lose a billion dollar in profit if they are refunded.

A video game tester position is crucial to a game company, they help to monitor the quality assurance of the game by spotting for system error, graphic glitch and bugs during game play.

Does the video game tester job require any programming skill? No, the job does not require you to know about computer programming, graphic design nor game development skill, as long as you really enjoy playing video games and have a good eyes for spotting error during the game play, then you are qualify for the video game tester jobeven if you are a farmer.

The problem is game companies usually do not advertise or publicize the job, because they are hiring every month so they want to cut their budget by getting from employees references. Don't worry if you don't know anyone who is working for a game company, if you know where to look for a list of game company with opening video game testing job, you can apply for regardless of your game testing skill.

If you have the stamina and able to stay up to 8 hours each day for testing game without getting tedious, then game company would be happy to hire you. I can see no reason why you should miss this video game tester job opportunity if you really enjoy playing.

About author:
This is how you can become a video game testing even you have no experience in the field. Get a Video game tester jobs now!
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