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JOBS CAREER-MANAGEMENT Why Do Government Jobs Score Over The Private Sector Jobs In India?

Why Do Government Jobs Score Over The Private Sector Jobs In India?

By: preeti | Mar 13 2012 | 615 words | 1070 hits

For those in the middle class families in India, the question of, whether to join the private sector jobs or the government jobs, is one of the perpetual dilemmas that stays in their minds. The scenario was not so in the last century, when most of the jobs were being provided under the government and the private jobs didn't have their holding in the country. Then with the liberalisation of the rules and regulations to allow private companies, plenty of jobs were created and that too with better salaries and many other advantages.

Over the years, the popularity of these jobs waned and gave way again to the resurgence in popularity of the government jobs. Such a happening was attributed to a number of factors, which people saw as an advantage in the jobs in the government sector. Comprehensive details of advantages such jobs are provided in the study below.

-The foremost advantage of the jobs in government sectors is that of the job security. In private companies, the layoffs became frequent, which is not seen with the govt sector jobs. When the recession hit the economy of the world, it was the jobs in various governments that remained as they were without getting affected as was happening in the private sector where thousands of people were shown the door.

-Payment in these jobs were quite well, and have improved with the introduction of 6th pay commission which made the salaries of all employees in different industries and department go up by about one and half or two times. Private sector jobs didn't have an equal response and the companies put their own discretion when it came to increasing the salaries of the employees.

-Perks and salaries in the government sector are very attractive and have been promulgated in accordance with the constitutional rules and regulations. In the private sectors, in many cases such facilities are not heard of in many organisations. Sometimes these facilities are given to people who are close to the higher officials or the board of directors, thereby bringing clear cut discrimination among the employees. People who work in the central and state governments enjoy all the perks and benefits as laid down by the law and this includes DA, HRA, LTC, increments, etc.

-The working hours in the government jobs are something that has always attracted people towards them, since the time of independence of India. The compulsion is there to work for a certain period of time, and beyond that, it is up to the employees to spend the time in the office. Jobs in companies and private organisations require people to work beyond the stipulated time. And in many cases, the employees are not sure, how long they are required to work, thereby making them forego the time they could spend with their families or in relaxation.

-Work stress is very high in the private sector because people are always under the threat of getting ousted from the jobs. Since one cannot always point a finger on the particular reason which led to such layoffs, the employees are bound to remain stressed while working. Also there are chances of their salaries getting decreased, if their targets of the month or the year are not met. Government jobs do not entail such frailty and therefore people can be relaxed when they get into these jobs.

The above reasoning has been responsible for the popularity of the government jobs in the country and has also been the primary cause of the revival of the popularity of these jobs. It is due to these reasons that these jobs have scored over the private organisation employment for the millions of people who are thinking about which job to join.


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