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Learn to Speak Chinese the Easy Way

By: Tom Anderson | Nov 20 2012 | 502 words | 1386 hits

Learning to speak Chinese is difficult hence you have to choose an easy course for easier learning. In finding where you might learn, the process of finding the school, tutor and course can be very daunting. Since the evaluation process is already difficult, you have to make sure that the learning process is not. Knowing that the Chinese language has thousands of characters in addition to hundreds of vocabulary as well as grammar rules, the next best thing is to choose a course that is well-tested. Remember that you will never learn to speak Chinese in a few minutes or even in a few days. However, it doesn’t take forever to learn.

There are do’s and don’ts that you have to know when it comes to choosing the most intensive Chinese course which can help you to learn Chinese. These are the things that a would-be student has to look for and avoid when embarking on learning second language.

There are three don’ts that you should take note when planning to learn how to speak Chinese. First, you should avoid Chinese courses that promise you that you may acquire the language in a few minutes or days. This is impossible. Second, avoid courses that emphasize mindless repetition of long lists of grammar and vocabulary rules. These are wretched results that majority of Chinese courses focus. Third, avoid courses that tell students that you can only converse in Chinese once your Chinese vocabulary becomes huge. You can always converse with a pure Chinese even with small number of vocabulary though you may converse deeply with huge Chinese vocabulary.

On the other hand, there are more things that you have to see in the Chinese course. First is the approach that can help the students to learn in the easiest, most fun way. The promise of the course should be building the confidence to speak the Chinese language by developing or improving the natural Chinese accent. Second is the encouragement of the course provider to speak in real conversations even with Chinese people that you see in the streets. Third is the flexibility of the course to provide Chinese language for both beginners and advanced students. As such, the course should not be too advanced or too basic. Fourth is the encouragement of the tutors to converse in basic Chinese including saying hello, introducing oneself, ordering foods and beverages and giving compliments to other people. The focus of the Chinese language learning course should be conversational phrases and not memorizing words. You can only learn effectively if you will be able to carry a conversation eventually.

Further, aside from language usage encouragement, other things to consider in selecting a course to learn Chinese are the learning materials and tools used by the tutors. The tutors must know how to keep the process of learning to speak fun and interesting. You can only learn to speak Chinese proficiently if the course will emphasize effective, time-tested materials, tools and techniques that can aid the process of carrying actual conversational phrases.

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