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JOBS CAREERS Psychometric Tests - Tools to Assess your Abilities

Psychometric Tests - Tools to Assess your Abilities

By: Yngve Traberg | Jan 26 2012 | 395 words | 2449 hits

Recruiting the right person for a job is not an easy task. Interviews, resumes and background checks only give random results. This is where personality tests have come to the rescue of recruiters. It assists the recruiter to find out the aptitude, ability and some personality traits of a candidate so that it can help them make hiring decisions correctly. Nevertheless, a psychometric test should never be the ultimate decision for recruitment. It should only be used to assist in hiring and hence form a part of the recruitment process. The goal is to select the right candidate for a specific job.

Assessment Procedure

Psychometric tests are in effect indicators of a candidate’s personality. Hence aptitude tests do not have a correct or wrong answer. Most tests include two main categories- a personality test and an aptitude test.

Aptitude tests mainly cover your abilities which will test your numerical ability, logical reasoning and verbal skills, your ability to recognize errors etc. An aptitude test may gauge your ability in handling a job scenario, your capability in performing a new role etc. The questionnaires have several answers and you have to pick the right one in a specific time limit which compels the candidate to select answers under pressure. Such IQ tests help to check the aspirant’s ability to weigh speed with precision.

Personality tests assess those characteristics that reveal your attitude, motivation and style of working. Recruiters will want people with particular characteristics for a specific post. For example, for a sales job the person should be sociable, tactful, and also have the ability to convince people. Additionally, other personality characteristics that an employer is interested to test are integrity, honesty, anger and stress. For example, candidates seeking banking jobs may be asked to sit for a test on work ethics.


Most organizations now use the psychometric tests to hire candidates hence it is best that job seekers be prepared to face such tests. Candidates can make use of online sample tests to practise before they attempt the actual test. Try solving mathematic problems mentally which will develop your numerical ability and thereby you can perform well in the IQ tests. Read a lot of English language magazines, current affairs and other articles for verbal reasoning. This will enable applicants to be fully prepared to tackle all types of questions with ease and move to the next stage of selection.

About author:
Yngve Traberg, MSc, is the Danish founder and CEO of and ClickATest provides tools and knowledge including personality tests and aptitude tests that empower employers in their effort to hire the best staff and build successful teams with the required skills and attitude. Yngve Traberg believes that employers who take great care in the hiring process and apply independent tests as part of the vetting procedure will build happier teams and out-perform their competitors through better fit and retention.
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