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JOBS CAREERS Study in UK - Part 1

Study in UK - Part 1

By: anirban das | Jan 10 2010 | 906 words | 1420 hits

Emerging as one of the most sought-after destinations for studying abroad, the United Kingdom is a perfect place for students willing to get quality education. The U.K. education helps international students to give their career a global edge.

The country is globally renowned for its qualifications. If you are on the verge of pursuing a degree after your schooling or post graduation, studying in U.K. will be an intelligent decision as it will lay down a solid foundation for your future. The U.K. universities have a vivacious and demanding environment, which in turn helps in the development of students' potential.

Besides, education in the U.K. lays a great emphasis on the students' ability to work independently and to develop their own opinion. The U.K. universities follow strict procedures to maintain optimal quality of teaching. They also keep a consistent check on research funds, infrastructure, and accommodation services through strict quantitative assessments.

The education in U.K. relies heavily on self-study, discussions, and practical assignments. The students are encouraged to do more independent work depending on the program.

The teaching standards in the U.K. are based on a number of methods, which include:-
1. Lectures
2. Tutorials
3. Practical Assignments
4. Workplace Training
5. Written Work
6. Seminars
7. Independent Learning
8. Assessments

Education Programs

The U.K. universities and colleges offer a broad range of courses. There are more than 180 establishments providing a variety of degree courses. Plus, the country has over 500 institutions for further education and more than 600 boarding schools.

First Degree Courses in Arts and Sciences

The universities offer Bachelor's degree or First Degree courses in Arts and Sciences. A Bachelor degree course normally lasts for three or four years and is among the most taught programs.

Sandwich Courses

The universities also have some part-time courses that are pursued during the blocks of the concentrated study. Known as Sandwich degree courses, these courses usually comprise an additional year of work experience. This extra year of work experience is inserted between two or three years of the concentrated study. Besides, students work with employers or organizations in their subject fields during this period.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a higher qualification offered in the United Kingdom. It is a diploma offered for the vocational training to students. The diploma prepares students to start a career into a specific area.

Postgraduate Courses

A number of students opt for postgraduate courses in order to augment their understanding of training in a particular area of study. The postgraduate study also helps to enhance the career and employment prospects of students. A postgraduate program usually comprises of two years of full-time study for gaining further qualifications.

Basic Entry Requirements

Undergraduate Courses: To pursue an undergraduate course, a student is required to attain a first division or a second higher division in their high school examinations. However, the entry requirements for getting admission into an undergraduate course can vary considerably from one university to another.

Postgraduate Courses: For taking an admission into a postgraduate course, students are required to have at least a first division or a higher second division in the Bachelor's degree program.

English Language Requirements: Apart from academic excellence, students who have not studied English as the first language are supposed to attain certain qualification in English Language before they can become a part of any course in a U.K. university or college. Given below are some of the tests that such students are required to clear with a good score:

1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
2. British Council's International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
3. Cambridge Higher School Certificate at the Subsidiary level
4. Oxford Certificate of English as a Foreign Language at the Higher Level
5. O-level English Language

Application Process

Undergraduate Applications:

The application procedures for undergraduate programs are somewhat complex. Therefore, it is best to take the help of the nearest Study Overseas Office for gaining further information.

Postgraduate Applications:

Students willing to pursue the postgraduate studies are required to fill the application form of the respective university. The application forms are same across all intakes and there is usually no deadline defined for the applications to reach the respective university. It is, however, suggested that you apply as early as possible, particularly if you are interested in programs.

Given below are some of the main credentials that you may be required to submit at the time of applying to the U.K. university or college:

1. Statement of Purpose (SOP) - An SOP should include information on your educational objectives, career goals, reasons for studying in the U.K., and reasons for selecting a specific program in a particular institution.
2. Recommendation Letters - Interested students must provide at least two or three signed recommendation letters from three lecturers, who educated you at the degree level.
3. Bank Statement - A bank statement indicating the availability of finance with you or your sponsor in a Savings bank account.
4. Affidavit of Support (AOS) - An AOS should be given by your guarantor who is financing your education.
5. Attested copies of mark sheets from class 10th onwards.

Student Visa and Immigration Requirements

As simple entry procedures have been introduced for U.K. Visa holders, Visa services are now more user-friendly for students applying for U.K. universities. While straightforward Visa applications of international students are processed within 24 hours, non-straightforward applications are subjected to be processed within10 days.

For getting a Visa, students need to submit the proof of accommodation, availability of sufficient funds to support the entire expenditure of studying and living in the United Kingdom.

To know more about U.K., Colleges and scholarships, read the Second Part (2) of this article.

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