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JOBS CAREERS Truck Driving Job Offers New Career for New Year

Truck Driving Job Offers New Career for New Year

By: Armil Velos | Oct 18 2010 | 632 words | 767 hits

Year end is fast approaching. Two months from now and we are already having a new year. Time to say goodbye to 2010 and say hello to 2011! Many things have happened in our life in the past year, some are good some are not but whatever it is we all learn from it and it has made a difference in our life. Some might have a great year with a great job and career while some don't have. Some are happy some are not. But since the New Year is coming, I guess this will also be a great time to start new. A career change if you are not happy in your previous career and a new job if you are unemployed in the past year.

You might think that finding a job is difficult especially in today's economic condition, sometimes even college graduates find difficulties in finding a job with good pay, but did you know that there's a job available out there and highly in demand that don't require high educational attainment and do have a great compensation package? Yes. You hear me right and the job that I am talking about is the truck driving job. The trucking industry is growing big and since the demand for trucking jobs is high, the demand for truck drivers is high as well and in fact experts says that for the coming years there will be a big shortage on truck drivers.

Because of that shortage, trucking companies are offering competitive compensation package and great benefits in order to find and get truck drivers that could fill in their needs in the company. A $30,000-$100,000 annually is possible in trucking jobs, depends on the type of job you have and of course your effort. Sounds interesting right?

You may be asking now how can you get a job in truck driving and how can you enter the industry. Well the very first thing that you should consider and should have is the CDL or commercial driver's license. This will allow you to drive huge trucks. In order for you to have the CDL you must first go schooling under a qualified CDL truck driving school. The course is just about 2-4 weeks and from there you will learn what you have to learn to become a truck driver. After that, you have to pass the test given after.

The cost for the training is quite expensive but you don't need to worry because there are a lot of ways on how you can pay your tuition. Some truck driving schools pay for their drivers schooling with an agreement that they will be working with their company after they get their license and the amount that they use for their studies will be deducted with their monthly paycheck. The amount will be allocated so that the deduction will not be as big. You should just be aware that if you are not able to finish your contract with them or in case you are terminated, you will owe them any amount due from your studies and you have to pay that.

Some schools can also give you information on where you can get financial aids or grants that may help you in your studies.
After you have finished your studies and get you CDL license, you are now ready to enter the truck driving industry and the amount that you spend in your studies will be back to you even double or triple in your first year of job provided that you put extra effort and find a good truck driving company.

I hope that this will be the beginning of your journey in the truck driving industry, be successful and get a new life, new job, and new career in a truck driving job for the New Year.

About author:
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