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JOBS RECRUITMENT About Middle East, the Unexplored Arena

About Middle East, the Unexplored Arena

By: mnknaukri | May 25 2010 | 598 words | 1105 hits

The dream of working overseas is realized mostly in regions of Middle East, Arabian Gulf and United Arab Emirates (UAE). These regions are among the most lucrative career options that offer high tax-free salaries and a comfortable lifestyle. Also, it provides an opportunity to explore the other unknown part of the world by being a part of it and living it every moment.

Middle East is often seen as a mysterious land that follows conservative customs and laws. But, the truth is that it is as normal a place to work and live as any other across the world. Though they follow Islamic religion which is not very modernized, there are no hard-and-fast rules to be followed. The conservatism is restricted to very few areas of the Middle East as those places are still trying to come out of the backwardness cultivated from decades of ignorance.

The best part of working in Middle East is that you get paid a much higher salary for the same kind of work as compared to your native land. As well known, salaries are tax-free which lets you keep all that you earn-you can spend or save it the way you want to. People make big fortunes in just a short period of time by taking up a job in Gulf as they are paid quite handsomely along with attractive incentives as an addition. Though, one has to make a lot of adjustments to get used to the culture and lifestyle followed in the region, nobody minds it much. And then, one anyway takes time to get akin to new surroundings and cultural practices.

The countries in Middle Eastern region have long back shed their image as backward and orthodox regions. Some of them are, in fact, today listed among some of the fastest and well developing countries in the world. For example, Dubai has its name registered for several world records in the Guinness Book for its structural wonders. It follows a cosmopolitan culture and has become one of the most multi-cultural & multi-ethnic cities on the globe. Some other cities like Beirut in Lebanon are quite Westernized and follow Western style of living. It is just that the potential and the capacity of these places have not been tapped fully as they remain unseen and unheard of in the realm of unknown and mysterious.

People in the Middle East are just like everyone else who wish to spend their life in serenity and security. One can't and shouldn't typecast a country just because of few overzealous people try to grab attention by playing cheap tricks. And then anyway, which country doesn't have this category of people today- from East to West- each one of them see a chunk of chauvinistic group at loggerheads with the other. Middle East has seen so much destruction and loss in the past that their primary wish today is to live safely without the fear of injury, imprisonment or death. They have long been deprived of the basic right and need of security and are seen making up for it today. It has become a safe place to work and live after years of struggle as governments take it on themselves to give citizens their basic rights. The crime rate is minimal in almost all the countries of the Middle East making them quite secure.

Undoubtedly, some regions have strict laws, dress codes and code of conduct but they are also in the process of eventually picking up the trend of modernization. The government is now focused on the overall development of the region creating plenty of jobs in Middle East.

About author:
Deepika Bansal writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs in Gulf Region Jobs in Middle eastDubai jobs.'s foray into the Middle East is an Endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.
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