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JOBS RECRUITMENT Hospitality, Catering and Chef Recruitment

Hospitality, Catering and Chef Recruitment

By: Jenny Andrew | Jan 10 2010 | 511 words | 2183 hits

It is quite essential for hospitality and catering businesses to use recruitment agencies. This could be for the reason of a large staff number, high turnarounds as the hospitality and tourism industry is mostly seasonal and the vast number of different staffing requirements within each business.

A hotel, for example, requires staffing solutions from reception right through to back end workers such as finance and revenue staff. Starting from the very front of a hotel there is a doorman, maybe even a parking attendant should the hotel be large. Next receptionists including reception management.

The skills of office staff are very specific to a hotel and catering environment as there are special rate trackers tracking rates and changing the prices of the rooms etc. Then the finance and revenue department tracking the profit, losses and percentages of every cost in the hotel, making it as profitable as possible. This is an extremely busy area as invoice processing, bill payments, guest bills etc are in high volume.

The kitchen alone can have up to six different levels of chef and assistant within it. Chef jobs can come in the form of relief chefs and commie chefs right up to head chefs with chef de partie and sous chefs in between. It is essential that the right person is found for each roll in order that a kitchen works to its best potential.

Through to the restaurant staffing and the requirements here are from basic waiting on staff up to restaurant managers also sommeliers and bar staff maybe even glass collectors depending on the size of the bar area.

Management are also found via recruitment agencies from duty manager's right up to general manager's.

Further staffing requirements are kitchen porters, housekeeping, cleaners and night porters, bell boys, room service operatives and customer service staff.

A chef recruitment and hospitality and catering recruitment agency has a huge task to full fill the needs of a catering business. What is evident is the huge need for recruitment agencies in this industry. Imagine how long it would take to source employees for so many different skills and positions?

It is often found that hospitality and catering specific recruitment agencies have catering experience so they really understand what it's like working in a busy kitchen or catering operation. From Hotel General Manager positions to catering staff recruitment consultants can find the job that suits the right candidate ensuring both employer and employee are more than satisfied. As they personally select and match candidates to jobs, the recruitment agency ensure a CV is only forwarded to the kind of establishments the candidate would want to work in and vice versa. This saves a great deal of time. The agency can also give interview tips and CV writing tips to candidates and even specialist advice to employers on employment law and holiday entitlement issues. All these services are designed to find the right candidate, to speed up the process of finding the correct candidate and ensuring both employer and employee are happy. By building a long and successful partnership with a recruitment agency, the whole process becomes effortless.

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ChefsJobsUK search and select chef jobs and offer chef recruitment solutions for many of the leading hotel and catering companies throughout the UK including restaurants.
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