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JOBS RECRUITMENT Is working as a Chef as exciting and glamorous as the celebrity chefs make it out to be?

Is working as a Chef as exciting and glamorous as the celebrity chefs make it out to be?

By: John Smith | May 25 2010 | 346 words | 1638 hits

However, the role of a Chef is portrayed very differently by different characters. For example, Gordon Ramsay does explain and demonstrate that working in a restaurant can be stressful and hard work. However, he is very body and takes on a dictator style role in any kitchen that he enters. This is not a positive representation of a head Chef. A head chef should have good leadership skills and have the ability to manage a team of kitchen staff, but they should do so in a professional manor.

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver on the other hand is a completely different character. He recognises how hard it can be to achieve a successful career as a Chef. A few years ago he took part in a television series which followed a group of young people as they attempted to run a restaurant on their own. Since then, Jamie has opened a few restaurants around the world that give young people the chance to train as Chefs and get hands on experience. They get to see first hand that the road to becoming a Chef is not easy but with dedication and hard work it can be a potentially great career.

The truth is that it takes a team of highly talented and creative individuals to run a successful kitchen. Many Chefs have to work particularly long hours in order to do a good job and satisfy hungry customers. They also have a say in what is put on the menu and the specials on a regular basis and therefore have to take responsibility if customers are not happy.

It takes a long time to build up a positive reputation as a Chef. Only a small amount of people are successful enough to gain celebrity status as a Chef. This is because it requires more than a talent for cooking. Celebrity Chefs must be interesting to watch and have the ability to communicate with their audience. This part of the industry can be very glamorous indeed but it takes hard work, determination and creativity to really make it as a celebrity chef.

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