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JOBS RECRUITMENT Offense and Defense: Playing for Athletic Scholarships

Offense and Defense: Playing for Athletic Scholarships

By: Marian Aldana | Feb 6 2009 | 440 words | 1273 hits

Knowing what it takes to play in college sports is already a definite step towards succeeding in gaining an athletic scholarship. In basketball, for instance, students need to be aware of the strategies needed to win a game, if they are to play in college basketball.

Coaches who possess the skill for evaluation, and who employ the necessary tactics will win games most of the time. And the choice of which offensive or defensive play may sway the result of success or failure.

Team defense can be generally described as being man-to-man or zone defense. Man-to-man defense, as the term suggests, is the defense applied by an individual player to another. Zone defense is where a group defensive players guard a specific area of the court.

A team has various ways available to them to effectively shut down the opponent's offensive strategies. Examples would be forcing the worst shooters to make a shot; eliminating their chances for a second attempt at the ball, or forcing the team to commit turnovers, etc. Team defense is a collective skill, requiring the effort of each and every member playing in the game.

A zone defense is a defensive method wherein team members are assigned to guard a specific area, as opposed to guarding a specific opposing player. This demands diligence and drive from the team, as well as a high level of collaboration. The essential formation of a zone defense is positioning two or three fast players at a specific point around the court, just inside the three point line, while having the rest of the players stay in the painted area, to prevent any other offensive players from getting to the hoop.

These are just a few skills a students needs to be adept in if he is to avail of an athletic scholarship. Playing college basketball requires a high level of skill and discipline.

Some exceptional students have enough talent to receive an athletic scholarship. Others, however, need to make extra effort in order to be eligible for college basketball programs. There are thousands of students involved in high school varsity programs, most of who are also looking forward to avail of an athletic scholarship. In addition, there are too many players while there are too few coaches for every player to get exposure.

The Internet has proven to be a useful venue for students aiming for an sports scholarships. There are many websites and online forums wherein students and scouts can come together and interact. D1Athletes is an online community wherein student athletes and coaches alike can share and exchange information they need. D1Athletes offers them a place to build an online presence and gain important public exposure.

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