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JOBS RECRUITMENT Rationale which make Bank Jobs appealing amongst the people

Rationale which make Bank Jobs appealing amongst the people

By: Paras batra | Jan 9 2012 | 373 words | 1154 hits

"People these days run after the jobs that engross office work as well offer sound imbursement. One of the sectors that have succeeded in attracting maximum number of people to find their career is the Banking sector. Banks have also contributed in the development of Indian culture and heritage. Initially banking was controlled by the government. Thus the jobs produced were mainly the government jobs. Gradually with the era of LPG i.e. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization a number of private banks were also seen rising in India. This was a step towards revolutionizing the scene of banking in India. The greatest advantage of this was the flood of job offerings created by the private banks. Both freshers as well as the experienced candidates were equally lured towards the bank jobs. The employees were able to fetch a handsome salary from the bank jobs. Moreover, the recruitment process was a bit simpler which encouraged many of the disheartened job seekers to go for the banks as their career. The people enjoyed good pay packets in addition to the amenities provided to them like housing, transportation, medical aids etc.
With the course of development in the nation, identical improvement took place in the banking sector and more and more branches were opened throughout the country. With the increase in the number of branches, there was a great demand for people to work in both the office and clerical posts. Freshers were seeking interests in the bank jobs as they were assured of stepping up the career path and occupying higher designations. In the initial days banks were limited to the functions of deposit and withdrawal of money. Since the diversification of its functions there emerged a demand for more number of personnel to work for.
Banks have extended its functional capacity by entering into the fields of mutual funds and insurance. Nowadays banks are also being used for depositing money for investing in the share market. Various loan facilities are also extended to the customers and this has created newer posts. The bank jobs not only pay the employees well but also bequeath a sense of respect. The aspirants need to pass the bank entrance exams which are conducted at different times.

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