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JOBS RECRUITMENT Teaching a secure and safe profession for women

Teaching a secure and safe profession for women

By: Marketing Naukri | May 24 2010 | 601 words | 828 hits

Women these days have excelled in all the possible fields of work. She has not only excelled in the house management, buts has also captured and won all the other fields of employment. There is no job field left, where women have not proved herself. She has set benchmark for men in terms of motivation and inspiration to complete and do a job whole- heartedly. From driving an auto-rikshaw to working in a factory as a mechanic, she has achieved success in every field.

Though, today women have become pilot and have also reached moon, but still teaching remains the most preferred and secured profession for women. Most of the family members, till date wants their daughter or sister want to opt for teaching as her career. This is also because of the rising miss-happening and eve- teasing cases against women. Also, teaching as a profession, alows a woman to equally divide her time at home and at work and maintain a healthy balance between her personal and professional life. Teachers are usually said to be very strict, but prove to be great mothers and their children are also believed to be much disciplined.

Teaching Jobs are mainly divided into private and public sector. Also, with the advancements of the education as a sector in the country, more and more job opportunities are opening for teachers in India. Indian teachers are not only valued in India, but a great demand of Indian teachers is seen all across the world, especially because of the intelligence and the understanding power possessed by these teachers.

For pursuing a career in teaching, a student has to complete his B. Ed and M. Ed degree according to his interests and career prospects. Graduation, post graduation, PhD, NET, are few of the degrees which one has to complete, according to which he is provided with the job opportunities of the respective levels. Some of the job opportunities, in the field of teaching are:

1.) Nursery teacher

2.) Primary teacher

3.) Secondary teacher

4.) Senior teachers

5.) School Principle

6.) Headmistress/ headmaster

7.) Lecturer

8.) Asst. Lecturer

9.) Professors

10.) Guides

11.) Director

Also, most of the institutes, schools, or colleges are in favour employing females as teachers in their respective education sectors. This is because of the management qualities, a woman possesses. She is said to be the only one, who can handle students by being strict as well as polite and at the same time treating her students as her children. The emotional connect shown by a female teacher towards her students is a bond which remains forever. A student remembers her teacher for life long, due to the emotional and the professional skills being transferred to the student by his teacher.

At the same time, it's not correct to bind women under restrictions, as practised by some families. Though, its right, that teaching is the safest and secured profession in the industry, but women should be allowed to practise the profession of her choice, irrespective of the gender biasness in a particular profession. Women today are strong enough, to handle themselves and have a strong mindset and power to answer back to any comment passed on them, so they should be given equal opportunity as boys to prove their skills in the field and career of their choice.

Therefore, we can say that no doubt, teaching is the safest and most secured career option for women, in terms of health, wealth and family satisfaction. But, if a lady wants to opt for some other career option then she should not be stopped from doing it, because at the end every woman is blessed with god's gift to manage her family and work well.

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