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JOBS RECRUITMENT The Life Of A Police Dog Handler

The Life Of A Police Dog Handler

By: Ace | Jul 12 2010 | 315 words | 2667 hits

A Police dog handler is a professional who trains a dog in a police course to perform specific commands or someone who receives a dog already trained for a set purpose. Many dog handlers are police officers or professionals and there is no age requirement to become a police officer dog handler.

Responsibilities that a dog handler must uphold as trainers and caregivers are excellent health and nutrition, proper obedience skills, and stimulating exercises for the mind and body. For a candidate to have the right to officially become a police officer dog handler, he must complete an extra-curricular police course concerning handling responsibilities and receive a diploma.

Meanwhile, the dog must graduate an obedience test to become a companion. However, an officer must become acquainted with the dog for several months prior to receiving its obedience diploma.

Basically, dog handlers can also be the dog owner as well and reap many benefits, one for protection and assistance that humans cannot give, while the other receives honorary recognition for police service along with great pay.

However, to become a police officer dog handler, they are also responsible for the safety of others when someone is near the dog or another animal. If a dog displays behavior that is uncontrollable or disrupting, this will always fall back on the dog handler. Many times there are emotional bonds and attachments the dog handler faces. Whenever a dog is used for law enforcement, there is always a chance that the dog may be killed. A professional handler becomes attached because many times it becomes more than just police jobs.

Both types of handlers begin to feel a sense of ownership and pride for achievements made together. Like with many positions, there may be times of frustration. However, many dog handlers will say that they would never exchange their positions for another!

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