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JOBS RECRUITMENT Three Tips to make your CV look Attractive

Three Tips to make your CV look Attractive

By: Willsmith | May 28 2013 | 526 words | 1369 hits

Everyone knows that the job market in London these days is very competitive. And because of this, you really ought to have an edge. So, what can you use as your advantage? Well, your curriculum vitae can be your strength to get more attention from employers.

As long as you can do it right, your CV can be your effective communicator to the prospective employer. A good resume gives you the upper hand of being selected over the other job candidates.

Truly, a CV is a significant article necessary in job hunting. It serves as work application and the first step to get noticed by the manager.

In any case, if you have signed up with recruitment agencies in London, you can get help with almost everything concerning your job application. They will try their best so you can secure a job that you really want. They will also check your resume and improve it to be fit for application with certain company. Resume enhancement is always a part of employment services so you must not hesitate to ask for this service.

Employers will not notice you, but with your resume, they will get to know you so write it well. There’s a saying that “first impressions last,” this is very true especially when applying for a job. It is important to leave lasting good impression on the employer, via the resume, to have higher likelihood of being hired. Hence, you must ensure that it will represent you in a good way and eventually win over the employer.

Creating a resume may look easy but for it to be effective, you must write it from the employer’s viewpoint.

Here are 3 most important points to remember when making your CV:

1. Personalized Resumes

Nowadays, resume templates could be downloaded any time. These are generic documents which in no way can be of help to you because they are being used by many others too. There is no originality so it will clearly not make an impression. Such type of resume will not convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the position.

2. Write your objective properly systemfunction 

This is the first part of your CV so it must have a knock to instantly catch attention. Using powerful words such as skilled, dynamic, excellent, etc. is a good idea to make it more noticeable. If you don’t know what exactly to write, you can ask your job agency London for some help.

3. Highlight your strong points

You have to advertise your skills to acquire your desired title. Your CV must be intelligible and contain all your achievements and skills. However, all the things that you will write down must be true facts only. Use numbers or bullets to make your document neat and easy to read.

In conclusion, your resume is an outline of your job experiences, educational background, achievements, and skills. It is your marketing instrument so all your strong points must be exhibited in it. Write professionally to be shortlisted for the job.

Remember, if your CV will not grab the attention of the manager, you will not have a chance for interview. In the end, the job opportunity will just slip away from you.

About author:
Will Smith is an active article writer who likes to share employment or job related advice which is helpful for jobseekers as well as employers. Follow Will Smith on Google+ to find London employers & recruitment agencies to get a dream job in top notch companies.
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