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JOBS RECRUITMENT Tips on Passing Your Pharmacy Technician Training

Tips on Passing Your Pharmacy Technician Training

By: J.J. | May 26 2010 | 437 words | 1758 hits

To be acknowledged as a successful person, there are always tests that needs to be taken to measure the success or efficiency levels. If you want to succeed, then you will have to undergo these test so that your level of understanding on the subject can be measured an graded. Same goes if you want to be a Pharmacy Technician. There are exams, tests and trainings that you must undergo in order to be qualified for your job. To help pass your exams, here are some tips that you could utilize to perform better:

1. Find out the grades you need to achieve.

Its always helpful if you know the passing mark, and the marks that are considered average, or extra ordinary. By knowing this you can target your achievements and decide which group you would like to belong. It sounds simple, but sometimes students overlook this thinking the same percentage and score applies. Maybe it does, but in a competitive market, why settle for average when you can be better?

2. Understand your role

You should at least make an effort to find out what your role as pharmacy technician would be. Most of your tests will be based on your knowledge of your role in assisting your superiors.

3. Get into the habit of taking practice tests.

Trying finding all the test questions of the pass years, either online or offline. By taking these tests, you can have an idea of the types of questions you will be facing and you will get to better understand your weaknesses and will have time to correct them.

4. Know the law

There are many rules and regulations that govern the distribution of medicine. As a Pharmacy Technician, you should be aware of these laws and abide by them. Some test questions will also question you of these laws, so taking a practice exam will definitely help you.

5. Review old books

Use your old books as review material. You could also use the information in these books to prepare for your practice exams.

6. Form a study group

Get together with some other like minded students and create a study group. Discussions and creating diagrams in groups will help the memorization and understanding the subject further.

7. Talk to your seniors

Try and talk to those who have taken these tests to further understand the types of the questions that would be asked and the techniques employed to prepare for the exams.

The best way to prepare for any exams is to take things seriously, and be diligent. You also need to have a genuine interest in this field as that will serve you better than if you were forced into this profession.

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