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JOBS RESUMES Getting Your Selection Criteria Right!

Getting Your Selection Criteria Right!

By: David Gillon | Nov 17 2011 | 428 words | 1205 hits

If you are applying to a Public Sector position, you would be required to write a Key Selection Criteria or KSC as a part of your application process. A Key Selection Criteria typically entails and elucidates relevant information about your key skills, educational qualification and work experience and suitability for the job in question. A key selection Criteria may have anywhere between 5 and 8 scenarios for you to illustrate.

A Key Selection Criteria reflects a candidate’s efficiency in written communication and ability to elaborate on his/ her unique selling proposition (USP) and fittingness for the job. A well written Key Selection Criteria is the most important highlight of your application and displays the highest standard of appropriateness for the position you are applying to.

While attempting to draft a good Key Selection Criteria, you must bear a few crucial points in mind to draw maximum attention and consideration towards your application. Some of the aspects are discussed below:

A modest length: A well written KSC is neither too long nor too short. Avoid one sentence answers as well as essay type responses. While some criterion such as educational qualification might require a short, direct, one-sentence reply, others such as interpersonal skills might be elaborated upon. However, keep your answers to not more than half a page.

Jargon-free language: It is important to remember that the employer or interviewer reading your application may not be acquainted with the technical aspects of your profession. Therefore, it is best to avoid jargons and keep the language clear, precise and yet comprehensive. Flamboyance is an absolute no-no! Simply be clear about what you want to say and express it in a simple language even a layman would understand.

Clear presentation of relevant content: while writing your Key Selection Criteria, back your answers with examples of projects you have worked on, the exact relevant work experience you have and the specific initiatives you have taken to improve work processes and productivity in the previous positions that you have held. Do not overwhelm the reader with huge chunks of content and never repeat the answers to the selection criteria content in your resume or cover letter. Label you selection criteria and title the page as ‘Statement Addressing Selection Criteria’ or simply ‘Selection Criteria’.

There is no doubting the fact that addressing selection criteria is a daunting and time consuming task, especially if you do not have much experience of writing job applications. Therefore, keep your selection criteria simple and stick to the points you know best. Else, seek the help of a professional company providing selection criteria writing service!


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