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JOBS RESUMES Mining Resumes: Tips and Advices

Mining Resumes: Tips and Advices

By: David Gillon | Mar 13 2012 | 510 words | 1017 hits

Here mentioned below are some of the best Tips and Advices for your Mining Resumes:

Always try to make your mining resumes in such a way that it should quickly catch the employer’s eye. So, initially ensure that your first page of Resume writing itself starts with excellence because a potential employer spends 2 to 20 seconds on the first page of the resume.

Write a small and precise introduction about yourself on the first sheet of your mining resume. Moreover, write the role that you intend to opt for and the goals you are trying to seek in the mining industry. Also make sure that it links to your cover letter, which is in more depth.

Try to keep your font size 11 or more than that, but not less. Throughout the resume, the size of the font should be consistent. Primarily, mining resume requires easy and readable text so that the reader is easily able to understand it. In addition, you can also consider seeking help from a professional Resume writing Service, if find the task too complicated.

Writing the birth date is optional in mining resumes. However, always type or write your resume with a honest and positive attitude, as it is important that the resume talks a lot about your confidence.

The Selection Criteria in mining industry is based on your experience. Primarily, here you need to write down the relevant or last three jobs that you had taken up in the past. Moreover, list down the duties concerned with each tool and machinery, responsibilities along with related jobs. However, if you seek the help of Selection Criteria Writers, they would specifically show you some mining resumes giving you a clear idea of how they exactly work.

List down the qualifications and licenses that you hold, for instance the driver license, MWHS card, Provision of mining qualified generic induction (surface Metalliferous and Coal), fork lift license, boiler making course, dump truck course, Senior first aid course, MR license, HR license and so on. Moreover, you should also mention the expiry date of the license.

Make sure that your resume does not exceed more than four pages, because what a mining industry employer wants is a candidate with correct skill, experience and honesty. The resume should not be too short but the one that covers almost everything about you.

Last but not the least, do not simply copy paste information from the internet. Furthermore, try to personalize your mining resume on yourself.

Nowadays to work professionally in mining industry one requires the following aspects:

Coal Mine Generic Induction

Medical Board of Coal

Generic Underground passport

Generic Surface passport

Generic Surface and Underground passport

A Generic passport course covers all the safety measures required in the working of mining environment. However, it covers areas like recognizing and managing hazards, terms and regulations relating equipment and traffic operations and carries advanced training towards firefighting and first course.

You might also require some other courses, depending on Mine site or company. Listed below are some of these courses.

First Aid Certification

SGS Induction – for all BMA Sites

Heavy and Rigid Truck Driving License

MARCSTA (General Safety Induction)

Police Clearance

Pre-Employment Medical

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