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History of Indian Culture

By: Jack Scotte | Jun 10 2008 | 416 words | 2984 hits


Welcome to India buzzing, a website that provides you all you need to know about India, as well latest news on what is happening in India's economy, sports, finance, culture, Bollywood and food. You can only find this kind of information here on Indiabuzzing. Be prepared to be dazzled by the latest news, gossip as well as information on your favorite stars when it comes to the Bollywood category. When it comes to the Culture category, learn more on how India has changed throughout the decades of its existence. Food category offers you information on Indian Cuisines as well as delicacy's that you will not want to miss. The Sports category is all about our favorite games that are in India like cricket, football, badminton, hockey, golf and many more. Learn about our sports stars and how they cope being big stars in a land that has more than one billion people watching their every move. So welcome to Indiabuzzing and join us in experiencing India in its fullest.


India's culture is ever changing, as many are used to the traditional lifestyle that apparently Indians are meant they are yet to experience the new and urban lifestyle change that India is getting into. With the birth of the television and many shows and channels like MTV and Channel V coming to India there was bound to be a change in the way that life in India would change especially in the big metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Goa, and even Chandigarh. Fashion has become a big statement in India with the Sari going international and many designs getting recognized from India, there was no doubt that Indians would change with the tide as well. Gone are the days when only Sari's or Punjabi Suits where the main attire in India now even labels like Tommy Hilfiger have come to India and have opened up stores all over India. But that is not the only change that India is experiencing, due to the fact that Indian's are whizzes on the computer when it comes to engineering or programming you will find big companies like Microsoft have checked into India where infact where ever you are in the World and are looking to get advice on how to use your Microsoft product then you should know that they will probably connect you with their Indian counterpart for customer care. Everything is changing nowadays that you will find many clubs where you can hang out and have a good time.

About author:
Beauty and diversity is what India's culture is all about and we at indiabuzzing will show you what India is all about. Check out the different cultures as well as come and understand how India became the diverse country that it is. Check our culture section culture section of Indiabuzzing and learn more as well as read our blog's and get the latest info on India.
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