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SOCIETY CULTURE Why Mont Blanc Pens Are the Greatest Pens in the World

Why Mont Blanc Pens Are the Greatest Pens in the World

By: Peter Ashburton | Jun 25 2008 | 393 words | 1022 hits

Mont Blanc pens are famous the world over. For over a century these writing instruments have been identified by their exquisite shapes, beautiful designs, attention to detail and a quality second to none. Each pen carries the trademark white stylized six-pointed star with rounded edges, symbolizing the snowcap of the Mont Blanc mountain, which has been the emblem of the German Company from it's inception.

Montblanc was founded in 1906 by a Hamburg stationer. Initially known as the Simplo Filler Pen company, they changed the name to Montblanc in 1911. They have been manufacturing quality writing instruments ever since.

Since the very beginning Mont Blanc has been producing many of the world's most remarkable writing instruments. Without doubt, the most popular in the range of Mont Blanc pens are those in the MeisterstÃck line. MeisterstÃck is actually German for masterpiece and nobody can argue that the title doesn't suit these legendary Mont Blanc pens. Each pen produced by the company over the years is a masterpiece, without exception.

Mont Blanc have obviously gone on to establish new lines in their range, but so far none has surpassed the iconic status of the MeisterstÃck. Probably the most distinctive feature of the MeisterstÃck pen is the central inscribed ring, contained within two plain, thinner equidistant rings and traditionally made of gold. Real attention to detail in the manufacturing process makes Monc Blanc pens the most luxurious of fountain pens and legendary in the world of writing instruments.

Now we come on to the new generation of Mont Blanc pens, led by the StarWalker collection. With a modern name and styling to match, with the StarWalker Mont Blanc still keeps to the tradition of producing pens of exquisite and matchless design with true master craftsmanship. The Starwalker pen collection, as with other ranges, comprises a fountain pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and a rollerball pen. These new Mont Blanc pens are innovative, stylish, practical and comfortable in use. Take it in your hand and you will never forget how it feels to write with, how it glides over the paper. The StarWalker is perfectly shaped and is a real pleasure to use. As with all Mont Blanc pens, the mood for writing is insatiable.

To learn more about the different ranges of Mont Blanc pens visit where you will discover this and much more, including caring for your Mont Blanc pen.

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