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SOCIETY LAW Nathans and Biddle Federal Forfeiture - Questions to Ask Upfront

Nathans and Biddle Federal Forfeiture - Questions to Ask Upfront

By: Mark Pner | Mar 6 2013 | 495 words | 458 hits

Nathans and Biddle Federal Forfeiture services have a lot to offer, just like many others in this space. With that in mind, there are still questions that need to be asked. There is no point in hiring just any attorney when the right person for the job is out there. For this reason, it makes good sense to ask targeted questions upfront. This will ensure that both parties are on the same page and ready to move forward in the best manner possible.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that Nathans and Biddle Law Offices and others are more than willing to answer questions from prospective clients. They want to help as much as they can, even if they don't end up working with the person. This is good to know, as some people shy away from asking questions because they are afraid of what they will hear in return.

Here are five of the best questions, although not the only ones, to consider asking upfront when first speaking with an attorney that specializes in federal forfeiture:

1. Can you explain what federal forfeiture means in layman terms? Some people know the basics, for the most part, but are still uninformed in many ways. This is a great time to inquire as to what federal forfeiture is all about to ensure that you better understand the situation.

2. Can you explain federal forfeiture as it pertains to my situation? This is a more in depth question and may require some answers from you first. The good thing is that once you have an answer you will know once and for all where you stand.

3. What is the cost of representation? This is going to change from client to client, and the attorney may not even be able to give you a clear answer upfront. That being said, you should try your best to get a basic idea of how much you will be paying.

4. What is the next step in the process? If you are dealing with federal forfeiture, you don't want to delay in getting assistance from a professional. You want to know where you stand and what you need to do next to get things back on track. If you neglect to ask this question you may not know what the future holds.

5. Is there anything else I need to know? This is a general question that often times leads to a lot of great information being shared. No matter how much you currently know about federal forfeiture or how many questions you ask, there may be other things you need to know. It is a good idea to ask this question, just to ensure that everything is covered.

The more time you devote to learning the ins and outs of federal forfeiture, while also speaking with a professional, the better off you are going to be. A good conversation, full of high quality questions, is something you should be able to benefit from.


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