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SOCIETY LAW What do I do after a motorbike accident on the road

What do I do after a motorbike accident on the road

By: Richard Hall | Nov 9 2013 | 548 words | 1188 hits

In 2011 20,150 motorbike users were involved in an accident on Britain’s roads. Of this figure, 5247 bikers were seriously injured and 362 suffered a fatal injury. Generally, those who ride a motorcycle only represent 1% of traffic but, surprisingly, account for up to 20% of serious injuries and fatalities on the roads. Motorcyclists are up to 40 times more likely to sustain a fatal injury in an accident than the driver of a car. A recent European study revealed that nearly 70% of accidents involving a motorcycle also involved a car, lorry or bus and that approximately 55% of these accidents took place at junctions.

motor vehicle accident claims

There are three extremely common types of accident in which a motorcyclist is likely to sustain an injury. The most common type of accident involving the rider of a motorcycle is caused due to a right-of-way violation, this figure accounts for 38% of cases. 11% of motorbike users are involved in an accident when they lose control when travelling round a bend at speed. 15% of motorcycle riders sustain an injury in an accident when overtaking or filtering through traffic.

If you have been involved in a motorbike accident, which you believe was not your fault, the first thing you should do once the immediate aftermath of the incident is over is contact a personal injury lawyer who has experience in dealing with motorcycle accident claims. The initial aftermath of the incident involves following important protocol such as stopping at the scene of the accident, exchanging details with anyone else involved in the incident and taking photographic evidence relating to the scene of the accident and the damage that was caused as a result.

As soon as you have completed the motorbike accident protocol you must contact a personal injury law firm and take decisive action. You will speak to an advisor or solicitor about your case in a free consultation and from there an expert will decide whether or not you have the grounds to pursue a claim for motorbike accident compensation.

Once a personal injury law firm have decided to take on your motorcycle accident claim every aspect of your case will be handled by your dedicated solicitor. There is very little you will need to do in order for your claim to progress apart from provide your solicitor with the necessary evidence and attend a medical examination. Attending your medical examination is an extremely important part of ensuring that your motorcycle claim is successful – if you fail to attend the medical or if you refuse to attend the appointment this could affect your claim.

Once your solicitor has started work on your case they will send a letter of claim to the party responsible for your accident. Once the third party have received the letter that has been sent by your solicitor, they have a time limit in which to respond either accepting liability or denying liability for the incident. If the opposing party accept liability for the incident it is a straightforward case of negotiating your compensation award based on the evidence you have provided in relation to your suffering and losses. If the third party deny liability for the incident your solicitor will then pursue your case on your behalf until it has been proved and you receive a compensation award.

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