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SOCIETY WEDDINGS Choosing Color Scheme And Decor For Michigan Weddings

Choosing Color Scheme And Decor For Michigan Weddings

By: Hilbert John | Jan 26 2013 | 425 words | 2357 hits

It's not difficult to realize why Michigan Weddings are so popular. After all, the destination has a dual appeal; during the winter months, its classic winter wonderland landscape lends itself perfectly to romantic nuptials to take place under the canopy of a light snowfall. Thanks to mild, verdant summers, the outdoors is lush and ripe during the warmer months, ideal for those who wish for a warmer yet still vibrant locale. Since the choice to be married in Michigan is a simple one, the real decision-making begins with color scheme and décor. Read below as we discuss some popular choices, and use them a starting point as you continue to craft your once-in-a-lifetime event.

Popular color scheme and décor selections for a Michigan wedding include:

• Considering the season to craft your color palette. Close your eyes and imagine your perfect wedding. Is it surrounded by snowy beauty? In the midst of a Michigan garden full of just-bloomed flowers? Once you've determined your ideal season, it will be easier to "see" the corresponding color scheme. Winter nuptials often employ cobalt blue and silver; red and green are also popular selections. Of course, if you are not planning a Christmas-themed wedding, you may want to steer clear of the classic red and green palette, but burgundy and olive green work wonderfully together. For spring and summer weddings, brighter pastels represent new life, and purples in various shades work well too.

• Now that you have your color scheme in mind, consider the décor. Think about the flowers that are in season during the time of your wedding. If you purchase in-season floral arrangements, you will be more in-tune with the season of your nuptials; in addition, you will save money. Purchasing out of season flowers from a hothouse is always more expensive. Though you may be tempted to weave fewer flowers into your décor in order to save money, there is really no substitute for beautiful floral pieces. There are ways to have flowers be a focal point of the wedding without breaking the bank, however. Consider using the bridesmaid bouquets for the arrangements on the tables, and make bright, fresh flowers your choice.

• Additional décor choices for Michigan weddings include candles, pictures and draping. To make your wedding more personal, you may want to include pictures of your friends who are instrumental in you and your intended taking your lifelong marriage journey together. Honor those whom you hold dear and remind your guests that a wedding brings together family and friends to celebrate the making of a promise.


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