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SOCIETY WEDDINGS Few Mistakes That People Make When Decorating For A Wedding Event

Few Mistakes That People Make When Decorating For A Wedding Event

By: Kevin Sanchez | Feb 19 2013 | 533 words | 371 hits

Wedding can be the most important event for most people. You may also feel the same thing. That is the reason why you should prepare your wedding event very well. There are many things that you have to prepare for your wedding event. One important thing that you should consider for your wedding is the decorations. You should learn how to decorate an event. There are many different wedding organizers or wedding decorators that can help you decorate your own wedding. However, there are some common mistakes that you may have when decorating your wedding event. You have to be very careful with these common mistakes.

1. Unmatched color of the linens

Linen is very important in the wedding decoration. Most people usually use linen to decorate their tables and chairs. However, some people do not choose the linen very carefully. Therefore, they might have linens that do not have similar color and style with the wedding theme. You should avoid this mistake by carefully choosing your linens by your own. It means that you should have your wedding theme in mind before purchasing the wedding linens for your tables and chairs. You can also bring some pictures of your wedding theme to the companies selling your linens. Sometimes, you have to bring your wedding decorators with you when purchasing the linens for your tables and chairs. This step is very important to make sure that all decorations, including linens, can match your wedding theme.

2. Too short or too long tablecloths

This is another common mistake that people usually make. Most people assume that all tables have similar size and shape. They usually order the tablecloths based on their assumption. As the result, they often find out that the tablecloth can be too short or too long for the tables that are used in the wedding reception. This can be a disaster for your wedding. Improper size of the tablecloths can ruin the whole wedding decorations. You should not do the same mistake. You need to make sure that you rent the tables first before visiting the companies or persons selling tablecloths. Make sure that you also measure the size of the tables before purchasing the tablecloths. You need to purchase tablecloths that can match to the tables in your wedding venues. You should always remember that different table has different size.

3. Ugly table decorations

Most tables and chairs are provided by the wedding venue. Some people do not pay attention to these tables and chairs when preparing their wedding. As the result, they often find out that the table decorations are not as good as they thought. Some wedding venues do not have enough experiences and capabilities in decorating their venues. That is the reason why you should take a look at the table decorations during your wedding preparation. If you are not happy with the decorations, you should find another decorators to decorate the tables and chairs in your wedding venues.

Those are some tips on how to decorate an event, especially wedding party. You have to prepare your wedding very well in order to have an unforgettable moment in your life. Always choose the best vendor that can help you decorate your wedding venues beautifully.

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